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Is Fossil a good watch?

Asked by deepseas72 (1068points) May 2nd, 2008
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Get a Rolex!

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Yes it is. When I got my they gave me a 5 year warrenty!

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It depends on your definition of a good watch. Do you want a watch that keeps good time? Do you want a watch that simply looks good? Do you want a watch that is versatile with different clothing? Or are you looking for prestige?

Some of the lower priced watches keep better time than the more expensive watches.

What is your definition of a good watch?

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Don’t believe their 50 meter water resistance.

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I love my Citizen Eco-Drive. One good (solar) charging lasts for up to eight months.

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Yes it it. I dont know about their 50 meter water resistance but I have had two fossil watches for about 3 years now. They work perfectly fine. Plus they replaced my leather belt a few days ago for free

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I’ve had a couple, I llike them.

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Fossils rock! I have 4 of them!

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I have a Citizen Eco-Drive as well, I love it. It was also a fair price for something that comes with a 5-year warranty and never needs batteries.

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I have a fossil watch and I love it. It used to be my Dad’s like 10 years ago but he stopped wearing it so I got the battery replaced and claimed it. The leather band has never had to be replaced.

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Ive had mine for over 6 years and have only had to replace the battery once
It has taken some hard hits and still looks as good as the day i bought it

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It is known to be a high quality, prestigious watch. Never owned one though.

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I am a Huge fan of Fossil gear. Ask my hubby, I have quite the collection. LOL! The stuff is affordable & good quality.

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not as good as rolex

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Have You ever heard of:
Patek Phillipe
Vecharon Constantin
A.Lange & Sohne
Jaeger LeCoultre
Glashutte ORIGINAL
Audemars Piguet
FP Journe

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Like everything, it’s a hit and miss. With an eleven year warranty-you really can’t go wrong, unless of course you lose your original reciept! I know for a fact that at times a coil does go on them and in result-the proper time is not kept. Because our bodies naturally produce kinetic energy, at times that causes the coil to fail and stop keeping time. That is definately covered in the Fossil warranty. This also applies to Eco-drive watches if an individual is active regularly-the solar circuit fails the same way! No matter the brand,cost,this could happen to any watch. I like the fact that Fossil has the eleven year warranty; when I’m spending good hard earned money on a watch-I feel assured knowing I’ll have it for a long time. As for Rolex’s-they’re beautiful-but I’d rather use the money on a down payment for a car or a house! And yes-they’re not always perfect either!

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Fossil is a stylish low end brand. If you are watch freak, you are not looking at watches in this range, you are looking at Breitlings, TAGS, Omegas, etc. It is not a boardroom watch, but they are built solid and for $100—$200, Fossil is clearly one of the best deals and has some of the best designs around

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I don’t know if they are a good watch. That is why I found this page. I will say this though in response to jakman3. You do not have to be a watch freek to want those brands that he mentions. I know a watch freek who collects fossil watches. He says they are a style statement. They are throwaway’s. Not a “real” watch like a seiko or a citizen. I say buy what you like. But, if you want value and a real watch that is not a fashion statement. Or cost like the brands jakman3 mention. Look at these brands. Lum-Tec, Deep Blue, Luminox, Seiko Diver watches are a great bargain. I have 3 seiko, 2 Lum-Tec, 2 Deep Blue. I am a watch freek

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