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Where to buy a blue suit for a teenage boy?

Asked by shniernan (981points) September 18th, 2010

No I am not the father, but in fact, the boy. I need a blue suit for the costume I am making based off of Team Fortress 2’s SPY ( Yes I know that is a very old game, but I chose that as my costume this year. Now the only place I could find that had a reasonable size and price was here. (

What I am asking for, fluther, is a dark blue suit/a good place to buy one, around 30–32 waist and same on the lengths, with the coat, for…. well I’m definitely not going over 150$.

That and any advice on the rest of the costume, ESPECIALLY IF YOU CAN HELP WITH BUILDING THE WATCH.

PS: I already found the mask:

Still need the boots, watch and cigarette. I have the primary weapon.

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Thrift stores are your friend.

That shade of blue hasn’t been popular since the 80s. Unless you’re willing to settle for navy (which is almost black), second-hand shops would be the way to go. Also, check eBay and for vintage suits. Vintage clothes sell like hotcakes these days.

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Quick search – everything on etsy tonight was huge.

It’s kind of difficult as I don’t know your chest and sleeve measurements, but here’s a few you can look at:

Mr. Pinstripe Suit
I rather like this one
Just your size, and free shipping

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Edited by me. You need a light blue pinstripe with a vest. Will keep looking…

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Sears perhaps.

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@Seek_Kolinahr – Thank you so much! I only have one question…. What is VINTAGE SLIM NAVY PINSTRIPE 3 PIECE SUIT 44R INDIE…. “44r indie”

I can’t tell if it is my size. Also, the 1940’s ones I am in love with. But my original budget WAS 100$. Well…. I could go over for that suit. IT’s just that once again, I am unsure of the size. I can measure myself if thats what is necessary.

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P.S. I also need the black gloves. I must have missed those when looking at the link i provided. So if anyone knows where to get the boots, gloves, or any help on making his watch.

Watch here.

I have to make it from scratch. :’( I’m scared….

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Well, 44R is a suit size – the “R” meaning “regular” as opposed to “long” which will have longer sleeves and a longer torso, but otherwise the same proportions. I have no idea what the 44 refers to, as I am a girl, and I have a hard enough time figuring out sizing for female clothes. ^_^

I’m almost certain “indie” means that it’s not a national chain brand of suits, but an independent tailor-made garment.

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Okay, according to Lord Google, the 44 is the circumference of the widest part of your chest, under your arms.

“The first and most important measurement is the chest. Wearing only a tee shirt, run the tape measure around your chest under the armpit and across the nipples. The average American man measures 42–44”. That is the size of the suit that you need to buy. If you measure 43” go up to a size 44.

Read more: How to Measure a Man’s Suit Size |"

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If you want that one, better hurry – no bids and only two hours left!

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I would like to inform you also that I am a TEENAGER. Not an average american man. I am a 34” chest, 31” waist.

Also I found this one, but it’s only got a couple of hours left and my parent has not answered their email. SADFACE.

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@shniernan, e-mail the seller and tell him that you are interested in the suit but cannot reach your parents. If the suit doesn’t sell, that may buy you some time.

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@BarnacleBill – I do not have an Ebay account…. I can’t. It says you need to sign in to get the seller info.

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Okay, one, don’t yell at me, it’s unnecessary – I’m trying to help as best as I can with no information to go on. Buying a suit isn’t like buying a t-shirt – you should know your measurements.

“Teenager” doesn’t mean anything to me. You could be 4½ feet tall and 80 lbs, or 6’5 and 250. All I know is you have a 32 inch waist.

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Oh sorry, that was not a yelling tone, I did not want you to interpret it as such. As you were the reason I found it in the first place.

I am 5’ 7” annd 120 pounds. I have a 30–32” waist. (meaning I can fit into around those sizes.) I have a 31–33” length.

And I have around a 34” chest.

The reason I’m so general on how big it is is that I won’t be wearing it for a while… Comic-con is in July… of next year. I’ll probably have grown into it. OR I can just get a belt if the chest fits.

I really do appreciate your help.

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Ok so I found two others and was wondering If I could make it work.

These come in 32” waist which is like perfect, but they have a 38” chest while I am only a 34”.

These However, have 30–32” waist and 36” chest

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In that case, keep checking eBay and etsy. Your best bet is to find a jacket that fits.

Pants can be tailored almost indefinitely, whereas a jacket is a much more fitted garment and taking it in too much can ruin the shape of the garment.

Also, inseam measurements on suits don’t mean squat. The inseam depends completely on the style of the pant (jeans, for example, are going to have a longer inseam than a pair of modern suit pants, and a ‘30s Zoot Suit would be even shorter, as the crotch sits lower on your leg.) Just find the waist in a style you like, and take it to your tailor (or since it’s a costume, your mom and her sewing machine ^_^) to adjust the hem as needed.

I think the 36R jacket would be a decent bet.

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@Seek_Kolinahr – It also has the option of a 36S chest…. whats the difference between small and regular?

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The length of the arms. If you don’t know, stick with the Regular, and you can hem it if it’s too long.

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