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Barack Obama elementary school opens tomorrow in St. Louis. What should the mascot be?

Asked by RealEyesRealizeRealLies (30951points) August 7th, 2011

My grade school was the Berkely Bobcats. Got a nice ring to it I think.

But I cant fathom anything that goes with Barack Obama. Anyone have any ideas? Feel free to shrten it to B.O. if it would help. I cant come up with anything. Considering the 2–½ wars we’re fighting, perhaps the B.O. Bombers?

The official name of the school is Barack Obama Elementary. Hussein was left out, which isn’t odd considering many schools leave out the middle namesake.

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The Peacock

MSNBC and Oprah did help Obama win his election.

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For right now I would be o.k. with the mascot of the school being the Not Bush. I’m not sure what the Not Bush costume would be or look like. Maybe a bush that has branches and vines that form themselves into knots. Who knows?

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Pineapple, palm tree, surboard? You know, Hawaii stuff?

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Something ice cold. My friend was forced to shake his hand and said his hands, eyes and smile were ice cold.
It might make a difference that she’s a devout Republican

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How about the Obama Rama?. Wouldn’t that put everyone’s knickers in a twist.

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The Mighty Stones? Barack Obama Rocks?
The Mighty Banana? Barack Obama Bananas? (say it 10 times really fast, the kids would love that)
There’s a school in Minnesota—their mascot: “The Awesome Blossoms.” Proof that anything goes.

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I’m totally against naming public institutions, streets, buildings and so forth after living people. The mascot should relate to something typical for St. Louis. Gateway to the West?

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Barack’s Bear market.

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A Blackberry.
Black? Barry? Get it? Get it?
It’s a PUN!

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an empty purse

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How about the Obama Llamas?

I tried to think of an animal that gets hated on for others mistakes, but couldn’t think of one.

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Barack’ N’ Roll music school?

Okay, that’s stretching it a bit, especially since it’s an elementary school, not a music school…

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I think @linguaphile and @serenityNOW are hitting on something pretty good for gradeschool kids with the Rock theme. That’s pretty good!

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