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I thought Jeff Dunham was brilliant - funny, and a great ventriloquist. Just caught his TV show - not so funny. What other disappointments are there for you in that respect?

Asked by _zen_ (7854points) August 7th, 2011

You might disagree – but to each his own.

But have you seen a film which was great but wasn’t so great as a TV series. Etecetera, etcetera.

Why wasn’t it successful?

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I think Dunham is hysterical, in small doses. There comes a time the dummy needs to exit the stage. Too much becomes snore.

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Have you seen the Jeff Dunham show?

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Yes, I have and I do love his comedy, but when it goes on too long, I stop laughing. Not sure why. I am more likely to watch endless hours of Eddy Izzard. :D

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The Cleavland Show is a fail IMHO. Don’t be milking the Family Guy , FOX.

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Eddy Izzard is a gas.

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Bill Maher.

He has his moments, then not.

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I should have thought of that @jonsblond good call.

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@woodcutter He’s a guy you hate to love.

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I wish he would just come out and be done with it

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I absolutely agree with you @zen. I love Jeff Dunham but can’t sit through his tv show. I caught it a couple months ago – I was so excited because I loved his stand-up stuff; however, I was very disappointed ..couldn’t believe how “not funny” it was.

There are way too many instances like this ..of course I can’t think of them at the moment (I’m tired).

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Eddie Izzard is GOD!!!!!!! Very very passionate about his comedy :P

But yes Jeff Dunham gets old fast.

Also George Carlin was a let down. What a douchebag. I’d heard a lot about him and found him to be slightly funny until I saw a video of him bashing a heckler. What a pri*k he was!! I know hecklers happen, as does heckler bashing but George was rather disgusting about the whole thing. tsk tsk tsk

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Ellend Degeneres is hilarious as a stand up (only seen her HBO special) but not so funny on her talk show.

I’ve seen Jerry Seinfeld’s act in person and he’s a lot funnier than on his show.

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His TV shows are more watchable than his movies.

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If someone was heckling Carlin then he got what he had coming

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@woodcutter no way. I’m trying to find the video on youtube but I can’t. Carlin started saying things like “I hope your family dies in a car crash.” That’s seriously crossing the line. I’ve seen a LOT of stand up and seen a lot of heckler bashing but Carlin’s handling of it was the least tasteful I’ve ever seen. I know that it can be (as usually is) crude/vulgar/rude/mean but that shit was just not right.

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George Carlin has flashes of incredible genius, but when I saw him, he just sat on stage reading the paper, and wasn’t that funny. C’mon! Do Baseball/Football!

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Totally NSFW, but I think I found your clip. Ouch!


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That’s the one @serenityNOW… yea he wishes death on that guy’s kid. I can’t believe people in the audience were laughing.

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Jeff Dunham can be great, but not all shows are good. He has his days

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