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You're new to an area, how do you go about meeting people (with similar interests)

Asked by Jude (32112points) August 8th, 2011

Not at a bar.

The city isn’t all that big. Think, 71,419. And, there aren’t a lot of activity groups.

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Start by saying hello to the immediate neighbors.

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71K sounds fairly large to me. If there isn’t a group activity that suits your interest, how about creating one?

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The best way is to join local social groups/clubs that suit your interest. Or if you’re shy and not that social you can try friendship/social/dating sites and search for people that live around you that also share the same interests as you.

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Is anyone throwing a party of any type that you’re invited to? Go. Find someone you like, then get them to introduce you to other people.

Bowling? Everyone likes bowling (or at least, very few hate it). Same idea; meet someone, get them to introduce you to their friends, have those friends introduce you to their friends, and so on.

Is there a local Craigslist? Post an ad for in the plutonic section for someone to hang out with, to go to museums with (or whatever you have in that town), go hiking with, or whatever you want to do with them. Try it?

Get to know your local baristas. Know their names, always say hi to them. Then, at the very least, you’ll have a minimal amount of external human contact every day.

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Any kind of a college or university? Take a class in something that interests you, you’ll meet other people interested in your stuff.

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I retake the hunter safety course. Once is enough for most states, I find the refresher lets me meet people with similar interests, and the review of the safety information doesn’t hurt either.

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Look up Meet Up groups in your interest area on the Web.

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I know this will look odd but on craigslist there are area groups in the personals that maybe share interests and hook up that way.

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Walk the neighborhood. We’ve met all sorts of people just by taking regular walks.

Say “Hi” to your new neighbors.

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If you want to meet people with similar interests go to the places where people with these interest would go to. If you like art, go to a gallery or art shop. If you like athletics go to a gym or a pool.

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I generally try to spark up some conversations at local shows and concerts I attend. You just have to be aggressive! Also if you meet one friend, it’s a lot easier to be introduced to their circle :)

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They have groups for all types of interests one can think of.

And if there is not an existing group for a topic of interest for you, you can create one of your own.

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