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What is your opinion on this article? (gender discrimination)

Asked by desiree333 (3206points) August 8th, 2011

I recently came across an article about how a man from South Carolina was denied health insurance due to his gender. I could not believe how unjust this is. The man has a disease and cancer is cancer no matter what gender you are. I don’t understand how this reasoning for denying him Medicaid is legitimate in the company’s eyes.

What is your opinion regarding this article? Also you might want to read a little more on this situation as the article I found is quite biased. Are you surprised to see an example of gender discrimination towards a male for once?

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I personally think it is terrible that he would be denied coverage purely because of his sex. He is twenty six years old and needs treatment. However, Medicare was provided by a state program, not his company according to the article. I think it is even worse for the government to be discriminating against him on the basis of his gender than it would be if it was a company. I’m surprised that such a thing would ever be allowed by South Carolina’s state government.

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I live in South Carolina and it made me hate this place 10x more.


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@KatetheGreat Poor you. Here in Canada our healthcare is free. However, we have to put up with all the dumb ass lumberjacks and deers lunging out in front of our cars. Oh wait, this is Canada….we ride polar bears and live in igloos.

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Well, I feel ripped off. I don’t have free healthcare and deer lunge in front of my car. :\

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Really doesn’t surprise me about South Carolina. I lived there for two years. Couldn’t leave it fast enough. Best view I had of the state was in my rear view mirror as I drove across the border.
Wouldn’t surprise me if they thought he did something to deserve it.

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I’ve heard of this before. Just another example of sexism, but I guess this kind is OK.

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@rts486 : How is any sexism OK???????

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Do you think if he had been paying for healthcare all along, that this would have made a difference?

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It’s sickening that this man has been denied coverage. I don’t understand why there would be a clause stating that coverage for breast cancer is for women only. It might not be common knowledge to everyone that breast cancer can occur in males, but surely Medicaid knows?

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You can be denied coverage for almost anything at this point. Sorry to say, the only way change will come about is if more men are discriminated against. Women have had higher rates and less coverage the entire time.

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This is awful. It’s pretty widely known that men can get breast cancer, so I don’t understand the reasoning behind the denial at all. I would understand if they thought he was making it up – I’d deny a man who claimed he had cervical cancer – but men can get breast cancer and they need coverage in that situation just as much as women do. Goddamn.

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God, what idiots they are. It’s ridiculous.

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Apparently, it’s a federal policy. God knows who wrote the regs on that one and why. But it isn’t South Carolina’s fault. The feds won’t allow them to cover male breast cancer in the Medicaid program (health care for the poor).

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@JilltheTooth That was sarcasm!

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I kinda thought, but without the ~ I couldn’t tell.

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