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Men: what are 5 things that you, or other men do around women that you hate?

Asked by nocountry2 (3689points) April 10th, 2008

Back at ya stevenb ;0

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Use profane language and stare at them like meat I need not go any further….Disrespect

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Are we talking relationships or stranger-to-stranger?

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1. Criticize them rudely in public (or at all). This makes me nervous to even be around.
2. Not include them in whatever conversation
3. Public (obscene) groping is wrong.
4. Pick up on other chicks. Personally, I like to watch people so I look around often. I don’t see this as being so bad. However, blatantly gawking in something different.
5. Never listen

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u guys r awesum! :)

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peedub: people-watching is different than checking someone out. i people-watch too.

and i second what sloane2024 said.

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Act like they are the king sh**.
Mock others to try and impress “the ladays”
visually undress them, with the super awesome facial gestures!
90 % of the time TRY to dance,
stare at the “twins”
I can go on forever. I know too many self proclaimed “Players” that make me throw up in my mouth a little bit whenever I see them around women. I try to treat women like my sisters, or even my mother ( not my wife of course! Eeeww) I have the hardest time though, because so many women won’t take a compliment, look at you like a stalker if you open a door for them, and look at you like a lepper if you smile and say “hi”. Why is that? See above I guess.

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Five things right…
Other than…
Pick Nose
Scratch Butt
Adjust Privates

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Talk about how many girls I’ve slept with, and how much I’ve enjoyed it. Then say the words: ‘Tits’, ‘Pussy’, ‘Ass’, ‘Body’, ‘Bitch’, ‘Fuck’, ‘Booty Call’, ‘Sex’, and ‘STD’ often around them, worked into conversation.

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Adjust the boys. For gods sake stop that in public! You may need to get them comfortable, but you don’t need to hold on to them and move them around all the time.

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Fart, burb, scratch their balls, etc..

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Maybe I’m just lucky, but I am rarely around men that act this way. I’ve always dated very respectful guys and even my friends were never that way.

Am I an odd ball on this one?

Not that I’ve never seen them do those things, but they aren’t the majority.

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@hippie, I don’t hang around any people that do that, but go to a club or bar, and good freakin lord! Some guys lose their minds. It’s like junior high or something. I don’t understand how they think any self respecting girl would think they look good acting like idiots. Maybe they think their junk will fall off in public? Who knows.

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smack ‘em around.

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ignore them
call them a different name
flirt with thier friends
bad body language
blink at them for the heck of it

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1. Act like women
2. Fail to be a stand up guy
3. Disrespect their friend to “impress” a woman
4. Allow other women to put down their friend and go along with it in the hopes to get closer to other words see answer #1
5. Fail to see the distinction between being a wing man and a cock blocker

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What’s funny to me is that so many of these things are the very things that get guys laid,

Acting like “King Shit” (Cocky)
Checking out the girl, maintained eye contact
innappropriate touching

On that last one I had a friend that used to say that you should always say something mean followed by something nice. I used to stand there being the nice guy, engaging in polite conversation and getting NONE, while he would be cocky, checkin out every girl who walked by while in conversation with one, patting girls asses, and making borderline rude comments. Later he would dissappear to his truck with one of them and take a different one home. I got tired of being the nice guy so I changed things up a little. And guess what? Things are working out for me too now.

The gulf between what you say you want and what you actually go for is so wide that Magellan would have a hard time traversing it.

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Balls are like muscles. Use em or lose ‘em.

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“You or other men”? If I hated it, I wouldn’t do it – would I?

As for other men, rough speech, crude comments, obvious staring of sexual nature, any form of demeaning behaviour, refusing to listen.

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Not be themselves.

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You asked: Men: what are 5 things that you, or other men do around women that you hate?

I stay away from women that I hate.

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1. Tell them that I hate them. Constantly.
2. Respond to everything they say much too quickly and snappily, often before they finish, and often generic responses like “cool” or “Uh-huh. Awesome. Good for You.”
3. Correct thir grammar and spelling, and point out double negatives.
4. Comb my hair uninterestedly, especially if it’s immaculate and needs no combing.
5. Tilt my head down and look up at them through my eyebrows, in a psychotic, I-hate-you-so-much kind of way.

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“Adjust” their happy parts. Just because its there, doesn’t mean you need to play with it constantly.

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Ya I see how that could be an issue…
Except at the serial killer’s annual hootenanny

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I’m not a man, but I want to answer anyway.

1) Groping her.
2) Calling her a “slut” and other such names.
3) Showing her “off” like she’s some kind of trophy.
4) Getting mad at her for not wanting to make something that should be a private discussion public and using the argument that nobody around you is going to listen or care what you’re talking about or something like that.
5) Trying to make her want to have sex in public . . . and using the argument “Stop caring what other people think” or something like that.

To the men out there: Never do these things to your girlfriend. They are extremely disrespectful, very distasteful, and extremely hurtful. If you already don’t do these things, good on you. :)

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Sounds like bad manners to me and maybe a lack of boundaries on the part of a man who would act this way. Personally,. I love to engage in a little risky sex where I might get caught. Not in the middle of the road or anything crazy like that but maybe in a quiet corner somewhere. It’s kind of hot to be naughty but I would never do it with a girl who wasn’t into it nor make her uncomfortable for not wanting to.
Everyone has their own likes and dislikes and should be respected..

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@SeventhSense “Maybe a lack of boundaries on the part of a man who would act this way.” That’s a very good way of describing a man who acts this way.

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@Horus515 i think the jackass approach is for a quick fuck. if you really want someone who is worth your time, then be yourself(a nice guy perhaps?)

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Be a man regardless. If something works go with it. Most guys ideas of a nice guy are dishonest and they would be better to be a tad aloof and let her meet you halfway. She needs to earn your respect as well. Most guys just give away their power and resent a woman for taking it.

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@boffin You got em, buddy. I agree. I, personally, think all five are endearing characteristics, but the gals don’t.

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End a sentence with ”..because women are too emotional”
Speak highly of a past girlfriend
Speak badly of a past girlfriend
Relate a dream in which she did not figure prominently

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This is a painfully slow response question for almost 2 years. I guess us guys really are just not that impassioned about this for the most part.
It’s probably 9 out of 10 times just chalked up to, “Dude! What the fuck?”

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I agree with your first four but
“Adjust Privates”. Man that’s your birthright and if I’m not supposed to adjust my cock then why did God make it swing to the left and to the right and make my sweaty sac stick to my thigh?
And it’s not your “privates” Nancy it’s your dick, your cock and balls, or package…
or your baby batter maker.

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@SeventhSense Okay, then how about… Twig and Berries

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I hate it when guys call other girls bitches. Grrr


Just ignore them totally. That’s the gentlemanly thing to do.

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Eat over the kitchen sink…

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I am, and all of my male friends are, perfectly respectable around women. Hoo-ah


1) When some “men” act like boys and goof off, talk crudely, and forget their manners.

2) When men forget or deliberately decide not to groom themselves properly and look like total slobs——they don’t shave, bathe, or dress properly (guys, neck-ties are made to be done up, not left half-strung-up!), comb their hair, brush their teeth, or wear clean clothes and/or footwear. Looking “manly” and “masculine does not entail looking like a caveman or a slob. Lol. And if you’re going to wear a classy suit or a tuxedo, complete the package by combing that hair in place, getting a clean shave, and shine your shoes! What’s the point of wearing a nice suit or tuxedo if the rest of you is dirty?

3) When men are rude to their lady friends and act ungentlemanly——do not open doors for their girlfriends, help them carry heavy things, etc.

4) When men are controlling and bossy to their lady friends.

5) When men fight with other men in front of women. How vulgar.

Now, a lot of things can be said for “how women act badly in front of their men friends” too! Lol.

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When you’re on a double date and one, or both of the men, make sexual innuendos about food or something, then wink wink at each other like we women haven’t got a clue what what they’re suggesting.

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