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Did you know that a frontal lobe tumor can change, radically, the personality of an individual?

Asked by luigirovatti (2106points) November 28th, 2019

But it could very well also be vitamin B12 deficiency, caused by a vegan diet lasting 25 years. To me, this only means (s)he had this tumor all his/her life. But the problem is another. If who is responsible of the actions of an individual is the individual itself, where do his/her merits, and blames, of course, reside? Are they inherent in his/her body, his/her soul, or perhaps in his/her identity?

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I knew that. I also know that everyone is out-to-lunch a little or a lot, be it in the body or in the brain/mind. There is no such thing as a “soul” so that can’t be an issue. How it pertains to identity is moot, IMHO, depending upon how the term “identity” is considered and by whom.

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Oh man do I know….

My mom had a lemon sized tumor that went undetected for a long while. She was a real nutter when that thing was in there. Everyone was out to get here. It was all a vast conspiracy and everyone was in cahoots plotting against her. But once they cut the thing out she went back to normal right away.

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Any brain injury or damage can change a person’s personality.

As for the B12 deficiency caused by years of a vegan diet, that’s a new, and interesting, one on me.

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Yes. The frontal lobes control cognitive skills, including memory, problem-solving, judgment, and emotional. Any damage or progressive cell loss can cause profound personality changes.

There’s a frightening class of conditions called frontotemporal dementia, affecting that part of the brain. The decline is often seen in men aged 45–65. It’s tragic to watch strong, healthy men, during what should be good years of their lives, walk around with bizarre behavior and little comprehension.

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