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What sort of movie goofs have you noticed?

Asked by 28lorelei (2529points) August 10th, 2011

For example, in Shrek 2, the Fairy godmother tells the pianist “put it in g minor,” but the pianist starts playing in c minor and the piece is sung in that key.

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On Days Of Our Lives, about 6 years ago, the scene was in someones living room. A set of double doors, to another room, was on the right. The doors were paneled glass and you could see right through them. A man was standing behind one of the doors and a motorcycle was parked next to him.

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I believe some of these mistakes were done on purpose. it’s hard to notice some of them while they actually are mistakes.
Just me.

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This wasn’t a goof, but always cracked me up. In The Jerk, Steve Martin shuts the car door, and then reaches through the open window to lock the door.

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@28lorelei Oh my that was one goof only a music person could detect! Good for you.

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In “Return of the Jedi,” when Han, Leia & R2D2 are pinned down at the front door of the shield generator station on Endor and Han lurches over to protect Leia from laser blasts, he full on grabs her boob.

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I have noticed Keanu Reeves in a movie or two ;)

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In Gladiator there are tons of errors, one of which is when Russell Crowe dies at the end his eyes are open, then the camera leaves his face and then comes back to his face and his eyes are open.

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In Blade Runner, a guy is in a phone booth, alone, but he has someones hand on his shoulder. Botched editing.

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There’s a phone booth Bruce Willis uses in Die Hard (which is set in Washington DC, on the East Coast of the US) that says on top ”PACIFIC BELL”, which was the phone company in California.

I’ll bet the set designer and the prop master cringe every time they see that.

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I saw “Pirate Radio” a few times before realizing how many gaffes are in it (was enjoying the storyline and characters too much to care about details!). Still love it, although am much more aware of the errors now. I’ve never seen Philip Seymour Hoffman in a role like this, and am madly in love with The Count! woohoo

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