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Pillow talk. Do couples still talk to each other in bed?

Asked by john65pennington (29235points) August 14th, 2011

What is the updated version of couple’s conversations in the bedroom today? Do they still have their secret, whispering talks to each other or is just “hell, Martha cut out the light and let’s go to sleep!” Question: does the luster of pillow talk still exist or has it just faded into the sunset with todays couples?

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love this question!

We still do occasionally, even just for a few minutes. It’s nice to cuddle after some alone time and talk about the day or some other silly stuff. Sometimes it’s the only quiet time we get with each other.

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jonsblond, please keep it up. There are problems solved or started with pillow talk. May yours be forever positive. jp

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We have the best “pillow talk” on the rare mornings when we get to sleep in. It often leads to a little less talk and a lot more action….

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I was just talking pillows in the previous question.
When we go to bed it is usually pretty late (or early in the morning) and especially my girlfriend is really tired then.
But I always have energy left to talk a bit.
So I start to talk about what ever comes to mind that happened that day or what is simply on my mind, and since I know that she (most of the times) can’t answer because of being tired and sleepy I deliberately continue talking nonsense about nothing.
Only for a minute or so, until we both laugh about it and sleep.
Sometimes though, we have good, deep talks too.

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rebbel, great answer. You seem like a considerate person and that is in your favor.

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@john65pennington Thank you, officer! :-)

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Does it count when we’re talking about Star Wars?

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dan, it does not matter what you talk about as long as you are communicating with each other. I am a firm believer in pillow talk. It seems to keep good people closer together.

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Then yes. Yes we do. :)

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I’d be interested to see how many pillow talkers also baby talk to each other during that time. It’s such a beautiful time of vulnerability! also great for relaxed giddiness!

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Absolutely. Sometimes it even keeps us up late to the point that one of us has to stop it because of an early start the next morning. Ten years and we still have plenty of things to say to one another!

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I suppose so. Since there aren’t any children in the equation, we can discuss private concerns at any time. I will say that I’ve cried more in bed than anywhere else in the house. Not out of frustration or sadness or anger, but out of sheer laughter. In fact, we both do. Oh, how he makes me laugh. Pillow talk is the icing on the cake of a long-term relationship.

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We did. It was a really nice time to talk with no distractions.

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We certainly do, catch up on the day’s events & stuff. Then follows the immortal line “pillow fight!”

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Pied Piper, you are so correct. We are so happy that all the children are gone, that we feel like newlyweds again. Time to Party !!!!!!

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My boyfriend and I have some of our best (and funniest) conversations in bed. I love that quality time together.

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Every night. It’s one of our favorite times, when the lights are off and we talk for an hour about everything. We always say some phrases to one another before we go right to sleep but I don’t really want to share those.

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