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When de-veining fresh (never frozen) shrimp, have you ever seen an orange vein?

Asked by Kayak8 (16433points) August 14th, 2011

I have de-veined a lot of shrimp in my day, but I have never seen an orange vein. I bought about a dozen shrimp (size was 24/pound). About half of the shrimp had very large orange veins. So not only was the color noticeable, but so was the size of the vessel itself. Is this a difference in diet or what?

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I have definitely seen it, don’t know what causes it though…..

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Gotta be something in the diet. The vein is not a vein, it is intestine.

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I’ve never seen it either, only blue/black veins and I’ve deveined a lot of shrimp too according to this discussion it may be shrimp roe, shrimp eggs or shrimp fat.

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Ive seen it a couple times back when I worked at a restaurant. I always thought it was roe.

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The shrimp had diahrrea or something else that changed its poop color?

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The shrimp’s guts were empty at the time they died.

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Never seen that. Ew. Maybe it was eating carrots!

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Roe really doesn’t make sense based on what I saw, now I have to look up shrimp anatomy to see how they work . . .

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OK, the part of the shrimp that would hold the roe is of the segment attached to the head that is removed. Best I can tell, it may be farmed shrimp that ate shrimp food . . . how disappointing.

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the few times i bought shrimp i found a couple like that. i don’t remember seeing it in the ones that come off the boats but i don’t usually devein those either….

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