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Where can I find writers?

Asked by richard45 (2points) October 27th, 2009

Where can I find writers who can write news articles for my website? Must be about the latest events.

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Amazon’s Mechanical Turk service will let you farm out such jobs to the anonymous masses for pay.

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If you’re not looking for a massive amount of articles, you could talk to your “local” journalism school and make some kind of arrangement with them. Have students write “live” articles for a small fee or even free. It depends on what kind of site it is, how much traffic etc.

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What kind of site is it? Could you perhaps supply a link? It would help to know what kind of stories you are looking for.

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Maybe you would like to “audition” some flutherites. There seem to be some good writers around here.

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It’s easy to find writers. Craigslist, freelancewritinggigs, getafreelancer are just three places, and there are very many.

However, while you are “finding a writer”, you will get what you pay for. For each nitwit who thinks Fluther is a suitable place to ask for medical advice, there is an equal nitwit who thinks writers will be grateful for opportunities to work for free. These dunderheads believe “portfolio building”, “exposure”, and “review copies” will be sufficient compensation for writers who have practiced and studied their craft for decades. There will be inexperienced folk who will write for nothing, but like I said, you get what you pay for.

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News articles take some skill to be written. They must begin with the most important matter written with striking words and continue with other matter in descending order of importance. I get my latest news articles and other content for my website written by They also optimize every page of my website for search engines.

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Sounds like you should define your project better first so that you get the right writers for your site. Determine the specific topics, tone, and length, and frequency of your articles… then come back here and ask, “How many writers will I need for this specific project and where can I find them?”

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I can write, but you’ll have to pay me.

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I can unwrite, but you have to pay me twice (once when I write, and a second time when I unwrite). I won’t unwrite anyone other than myself. I have standards, you know!

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