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In a doomsday scenario where you'll be trapped for a year inside,which one will you pick, a huge grocery, a hospital or a mall?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26396points) August 15th, 2011

Whatever the reason is, you will be trapped, unable to go out for a year. So which one is the best place to be in order to survive?

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The grocery store, for the food and other supplies like bandages. Take a gatorade off the shelf and pop it open :D

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Hospital. They have sizable stashes of survival supplies plus nitrous oxide.

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A hospital, so I could shag all the nurses….well, the fit ones anyway ;¬}
It already feels like a year in a mall when I go shopping with the wife, hurry up already!!

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A mall that contains a grocery store, a drug store and a sporting goods store.

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A grocery store. There’s food and drinks, and usually things like bandages and medicine if I get hurt or sick. There are many non-perishable items so I’ll still have things to eat once some things go bad.

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Mall… has food, restrooms, stores with beds and generally a first aid station.

Pick me up in about 365 days.

Oh, and I left out entertainment like H H Gregg and countless videos to watch. And, a sporting goods store with weapons and ammo.

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@WestRiverrat There’s a new one in CA that has an auto dealership too. But you can’t go out so…

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Is there any power? If not, getting stuck in a grocery store would get really gross pretty quickly. Think about all of that rotting meat, fruits and vegetables.

Are there other people there, or are we alone? Getting stuck in a hospital, especially if there were patients involved. Throw in the no power factor, and then it would be really bad.

If stuck in one of these three places by myself and without power, I’d opt for the mall as long as access to all of the shops were accessible.

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A mall.
How would that not be fun?? :)

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The mall. The variety of things that they have would be beneficial to life.

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Definitely a mall. The grocery store would guarantee you have food for the whole 365 days, but what if you need medicines or something to entertain yourself. The hospital would provide you medical attention and supplies but it will eventually run out of food. However, in the mall there are restaurants that have lots of food stored, there are deli shops, etc., so food wouldn’t be a problem There would also be a drugstore for medical supplies and medicines. Besides food and medical attention you’d need something to keep your mind occupided and there are bookstores and electronic shops in malls where I would have a ball picking out a PC, TV, video games and all sort of gadges I like. You can also go to the gym if there is one in the mall or go to the sports section of a Dept. store to help yourself to some exercise equipment. Hopefully, there would be a pet store as well where I could get a couple of pups and raise them and be my babies so I wouldn’t feel so lonely.

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@Porifera And a hair salon.

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A mall. Even if it wasn’t for the various amenities brought up above, I would rather die before the time was up and be happily shopping my last days than live in a grocery store with a bunch of rotting food or a hospital with all those things to be addicted to in my infinite boredom.

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I’m changing my answer to a mall, too. It is a better idea, although it depends on which mall lol.

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Stick me In a certain sporting goods store close to where I live and I’ll bash through the walls my way to the Grocery store and Lowes south of it and the Jamba Juice and Barnes and Nobles north of it.

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Definitely a mall. Even when the food runs out, I can get new shoes.

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My girlfriend says: the shopping mall!!!

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I was gonna pick a grocery, because of all the food. But eventually, a lot of it is gonna go bad…trapped in a place with rotting food, ew.

A mall would be good, because it would be fun as hell, first of all…but I wouldn’t want to eat greasy food for a whole year, and a lot of that is gonna go bad, too. (unless it’s one of those malls with a grocery store inside. I’d take stuff like canned goods and make a reserve, and seal off the store when the food started going bad. However, while it’s still fresh, I’d eat as much meat as possible)
I take the hospital. You got everything you need in there to survive a good while.

However a lot of this depends on whether or not there’s power available, and if there’s people with you or not. Still, either way, the hospital is my best bet for survival. The mall would definitely be more fun though…

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A mall. The mall has a lot of stores. You can find almost anything there.

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Actually after considering the question some more, I would pick a Walmart super store.

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Can we pick liquor store? I would definately pick that! Other than that, grocery store, but it has to have beer. So maybe a Wal*Mart would do.

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the mall has food, beds, and enough distractions to keep your mind off things.
the grocery has food.
The hospital has beds and medicine, and hospital food.

The mall it is.

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I wouldn’t worry about the food going bad in any of the grocery stores. Vegetables can be dehydrated, as can meat, and the meat can be smoked to last months. Hospital food tends to suck, so I’d give up the medical supply advantage. Mall food probably lacks nutrients, unless there are decent restaurants inside, and even then I doubt they keep a huge supply. @WestRiverrat‘s WalMart Super Store suggestion would be ideal, since it has groceries, medical supplies somewhere in between a hospital and normal market, sporting goods, clothes, and housewares, but any ordinary supermarket would do.

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Wait a second… Does the mall have a Victoria’s Secret?

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The mall. Every one I’ve been in is lit by skylights so it may feel less depressing. And there will be plenty of room to move around. And Waldenbooks,I’d keep anyone busy with reading material for a year. I could try out the “Gap” for the first time with nobody laughing. The only way to screw up that deal would be zombies roaming around. Would there be any?

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@woodcutter When I posted the question there was no specific threat I have in mind. But now that you mentioned it, I’m curious as to which location might be the easiest to secure and defend against all sorts of threat from the outside.

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@mazingerz88 Really anything with glass would be fairly easy for someone or thing to shatter and there goes the neighborhood. All 3 of those choices usually have glass somewhere separating the inside from out. Even if no zombies, just regular humans roaming around can be as bad.

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A mall. Everything I need would be there. I might also be able to barricade myself into one of the stores if necessary. There will be chemists, first-aid centres, food, clothing, sports equipment, possibly a camping or similar store. And I can find things to keep me occupied mentally. Books, games, stuff!

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