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Does anyone do Meditation?

Asked by philosopher (9145points) August 15th, 2011

I do some Yoga. I have not taken a class in sometime. I love the Cool downs.
I use to do Meditation but I wish I could again.
I do shoulder rolls and deep breathing.
I want to learn how to better relax myself.

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I meditate…simply use the cool down techniques you do in Shavasana in your yoga classes. Sitting in Lotus is not required…sit on a pillow close your eyes, relax and focus on your breathing. You will learn what works for you. Find a quiet peaceful area free from distractions….and turn off the phone. Enjoy

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Yes, I meditate. I use guided visualization. I’ve used some CDs with exercises on them, and I’ve had good results.

I’m also learning to simply concentrate on my breath. It’s very relaxing and centering.

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I haven’t in quite a long time, but it is an excellent practice if for nothing else other than a chance for introspection.

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Ya, but only on and off for a few months, I’m trying to make a habit of it. I do Mindfullness…this is where you give time to meditate each day, but you also bring it into your day to day activities. It’s all about experiencing the moment as it is, rather than wasting the moment with thoughts of yesterdsay or tomorrow. Jon Kabat-Zinn and Thich Nhat Hanh are two major teachers of it if you are interested.

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@hawaii_jake Which cds do you use?

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Thank you everyone.

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Yes! Mindfulness/insight/vipassana meditation.

Gil Fronsdal has some great audio online. Here is an intro class.

Mindfulness in Plain English is available here for free (in PDF).

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@Aethelflaed : I’ve used some unnamed CDs and some by Deepak Chopra.

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I’ve tried it once. Like focusing my breathing and trying to let everything out of mind. It took a few tries, but eventually something weird happened, and it scared me, so I never did it again lol.

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@Symbeline Yes, I have to ask Weird like what? Like, you felt yourself turning into a slug, or arms dealers kept raiding your house, or…?

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The fuck? Lol.

Nah, I don’t know what it was, like this weird, creeping feeling that came over me, that was pure panic and anxiety. As best I can describe, anyways.

I think I was doin it rong.

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@Symbeline I dunno, I figured it might explain some of your more… fringe obsessions, shall we say.

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