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You've decided to rest and relax, finally. How do you do it? Does it involve music and a book? A drink or a smoke? TV or movie? Describe in detail and get us all in the mood to RR?

Asked by zensky (13357points) January 26th, 2013

Chill-out thread.

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Yeah, a movie will do it for me. Or watching a few TV shows I like. Xena, King of the Hill, others. Playing video games helps too, but then I get all hyper and crazy haha. It’s still relaxing though. In a weird way. Reading books is another. Love me books.
Always with the smokes. Need big pillows around as well. Small ones are cool, too.

Also, allow me this King of the Hillesque reference…

Sym; Damn it Zen…you were on my list of trustables. And it was a very short list. I wadn’t even on it!

…but now, I just don’t know. I thought you were my friend!

Zen; Damn it Sym, of course I’m your friend! And you should consider yourself lucky that anyone calls a freak like you a friend!

’‘Zen gets shot for no real reason, but he was wearing a bullet proof vest, so don’t worry folks, he’s alright.’’ :)

Sym; You were wearing a vest! You don’t trust me!!

Zen; Not really. But if I really did die, I figure, you would have killed yourself. ’‘puts hand on shoulder’’

Sym; I would have, too. ’‘smile’’

also, Fluther helps me chill. in weird ways

Disclaimer; please don’t tell Mike Judge I didn’t accurately redo this scene. he didn’t even write the episode, and anyway I KNOW this is what Zenny would say. :D

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**dammit! how can I answer after that?

Give me a pillow, blanket, my love seat and the remote. I’m gonna chill and watch the tv.

oops. I can’t forget the Hershey’s miniatures. I need the Special Dark! a Mr. Goodbar would be nice too.

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@Symbeline I’ll have what she’s smoking.

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it’s relaxing!

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Short term, it’s playing some easy computer games. Nothing stressful about Mahjong or FlipWords! Must have my cigarettes nearby, and probably a soda or a beer. Quiet, too. Anything longer than that, it’s a nap, baby!

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@augustlan Denno if I ain’t neer’ told you this aforehand, but you be kickin’ some serioues ass.

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Let’s take a nap together, @Symbeline. Bring your pillows, and don’t tell your internet wife. ;)

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I make things on graphics, I listen to Chill Lounge, drink tea, smoke and take chill pills. I also look at beautiful images, like the beach and forests.

Or another way is to go to the real beach and just chill and relax.

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Man, I am no good at relaxing. I either work until I am exhausted and then drink alcohol or sleepy tea to make myself pass out, or I slack and hide from work and feel anxious about it in the back of my mind.

Can I join the pillow party with Symby and Auggie??? I’ll bring lots of cute cuddly toys…

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@bookish1 You’re in. ;)

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well, relaxing this time of year ( snow, cold) means lying on the big sofa with good music, good thougts and a holy smoke or too….

not to forget coffee… ;-)

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Lazy Boy + hot tea + big screen TV + cat on my lap + old movie = heaven.

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Cannabis, a good beer, and TV or Mario Kart.

@Symbeline Dale: “I want Bobby Hill to take the shot cause he’ll put me down clean.” Bobby: “OK.” Love that show!

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Soak in a hot tub then isolate myself from the real world by zorbing out on fluther or Facebook.

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I relaXXX, if you know what I mean.

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Book, quiet, recliner, glass of wine, preferably no clothes, candle, incense= bliss

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The 3 “H’s”.

Hot tub
Happy brownies
Home sweet home

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Sleep is my only relaxation and even then sometimes that doesn’t work.

I like wine that does not relax me.

Long car ride in the middle of nowhere, but the first part of getting out of the city is pure hell and usually brings out my road rage. :/

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I am also a lover of some good pillows and a soft cuddly blanket, I need Marie Osmond, my sock monkey tucked in by my side (she even went to Yemen with me and was also targetted by al Qaeda), a glass of wine, some Kings of Leon on the stereo, and my laptop in my lap or a good book. These days I can get lost on Pinterest and being here at the lake house is helping to make me relax… with the wine I need a Camel No. 9 to go with it. RELAAAAXXXX right now I am having a Bloody Mary to relax mm hmmm

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I need my cat on my lap, a good blanket in between me and him, a fat bowl and a good book. The lighting matters too, I like the lamp beside my couch and nothing else is usually needed. Some water if I get thirsty. Then if I don’t have to get up for hours I am set.

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double post for your pleasure.

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I have too many good ways of relaxing. I think its my go to past time.

On the other hand I tend to be a versatile person of extremes.

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I’m gonna do it tonight, I swear! Two beers in, listening to DJ Shadow and I’m going to play a beautiful relaxing computer game, Osmos. Good night, you all.

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For relaxation, I like to re-read a favorite book. I can skip to my favorite parts. It gets even better with a Starbucks chai latte.

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