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Why can we only ask 3 questions a day?

Asked by blueberry_kid (5952points) August 15th, 2011

I always take up my 3 questions everyday because I ask too many. And when I ask all three, I’m bummed out that I can’t ask anymore.

Why limit my curiosity?

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There are a couple of reasons. It limits the damage a spammer can do, and it encourages our members to ask good, well thought-out questions.

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I think they recently changed it to 3 every 12 hours. So that helps a bit.

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No one is limiting your curiosity; it should be boundless. Don’t lay that on us.

You might as well ask, “Why do I have to breathe oxygen in air? Why can’t I breathe underwater like fish do, as well? Why can’t I fly? Why do I have to feel pain? Why can’t I have everything I want?”

It’s just the way things are. You can be reasonable and adapt yourself to the way things are, or you can be the “unreasonable” person that George Bernard Shaw said has to adapt things to his wants. If you want to adapt things to your wants, then I’d really suggest the flying thing; that would be pretty cool.

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@CWOTUS You must be a real hoot to hang out with.

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I can’t seem to manage 3 satisfactory questions a week or a month according to fluther standards, let alone 3 satisfactory questions a day so it doesn’t impinge on my curiosity or freedom at all. At least not according to fluther standards.

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You can always use another extra account for your extra questions. I guess the more different questions we have the more chance of people from different interest/expertise will answer. Most people in this site don’t make lots of question, though.

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I would suggest against using the separate account to post questions if the purpose is to defeat the limit.

Why separate accounts are allowed is for things like, “what could this rash on my testicles be?”

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You and me both @lillycoyote. I am not a good question asker.

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Write down all your questions, @blueberry_kid and pick out the best 3 every day. I like your perspective on things I really do, even though our relationship started on a bad note ;-) and although I don’t always post on them, I like to read them.
I’m not much of an asker either @Bellatrix

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@Your_Majesty Using an alter ego account to get around the limit isn’t allowed.

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Because it keeps the site from being inundated with yahooangst and spamswerbag type questions like “how is babby formed”, “do you like me”, “what’s in your refrigerator”, “why does my dog lick his balls” and so on…

If you really want to be here and participate, a question limit makes you think more about what you ask.

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@Bellatrix Glad to know I’m not the only one. I just can’t seem to get it right, even after fluther created the social section I can’t seem to get it.

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@augustlan Oh I don’t know about that. I didn’t say that because I use alternate accounts to ask more questions. I appreciate that you explain about this but this is also make me think how could you prevent this from happening even though it isn’t allowed here?

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@Your_Majesty We have our ways. :p

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@augustlan (Giggle) Mind to give me a leak?

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@Your_Majesty Actually, it’s no secret that mods can see what accounts share an IP address. It’s fine to have more than one account, but if they’re used to game the lurve system or circumvent the question limit, then there’s trouble. <cracks whip>

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@augustlan Ok…,I understand.

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Because without limits, a few people would DOMINATE the daily questions and the others would be lost in the storm. I’ve hit my daily limit exactly twice since joining Fluther (today being one) and since I’m in a sharing mode, the Collective can breathe a sigh of relief that allowed limits can not be banked. :-)

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Think of all the knicker questions I could roll out? I think the knicker question was one of my finest… but received no good question things… what the hell? :D

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I really am only allowed 3 questions a day?

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That’s 6 questions every 24 hours. Hmm…...

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