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What's your dream vacation?

Asked by sleuth9216 (231points) May 4th, 2008

Mine is to drive all the way up to Maine and take a private yacht all the way down to Florida. What’s yours? There is no budget!

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Go to America :-) Alone.

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Sail around the world.

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Netherlands somewhere, or Sweden / France.
I’ve think those girls from the Netherlands / Sweden are too cute.

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Here’s a thought…....Klaas and Bree go visit each other :)

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No budget! That is a dream.. I would have to say Around the World. They have cruises that go around the world that would be best. You wouldn’t have to worry about catching flights or getting to and from the airports. Most of the time they sail while you sleep. Falling asleep in one city and walking up on another would be a dream come true!

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All expenses paid!!!

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Since there is no budget…We can make it into a Fluther Cruise!

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Mine would be three to four months in Europe. A mini-van with camping equipment, alternaitng with nights spent in grand old hotels. No time schedules, just wandering around all the beautiful valleys and mountains, discovering small villages, sitting at cafes…....Time to hike, paint and read, picnics by a river. Discovering a place to stay and renting a cottage for a week or a month…..

Hmmhh. Think it’s time to retire!

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I’d take a year and travel all around the world. I’d go to every place I had ever even thought about visiting and I would stay as long as I want before moving on to the next place.

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Island hopping in the Mediterranean…preferably on my own private yacht.

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Get in my HUGE rv, and take. Road trip around the us.
Then, fly around the world. Visit japan, Europe, Africa.. Etc. An endless budget? I’d go everywere.!!

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Drive loopily across the US from west to east. Eat in cafes in small towns (breakfast only) and in fabulous restaurants for dinner when available. Carry a cooler for the times when the local cooking is just too terrible. Talk to everyone. Camp and hike. Do it alone. Be immersed in the landscapes. This would be the improved version of a trip I made 35 years ago from New Hampshire to Washington State. “Improved” because back then I was dirt poor and in a hurry. I want to dawdle and see what comes up. No deadline.

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To spend six to eight weeks exploring the cradles of civilization: Greece, Turkey, Malta, Egypt with a leisurely place in each.

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Anywhere with my lover would be a dream vacation, but if I were to be specific, I’d have to say spending an indefinite amount if time in Europe- England, Italy, France, Greece, with an abundance of soothing tea, exotic gelato, stunning breads & cheeses, & scrumptious seafood. Then head over to the beautiful beaches in Australia to enjoy the surf, sand, & chicken on the barbie before finally heading back to reality… Gee, I need a vacation….

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why was my answer removed? All I said was I wanted to marry Tim Curry. You asked what my perfect dream vacation is and I answered!

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Maybe because that isn’t a dream vacation? Perhaps?

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Maybe a honeymoon with Tim Curry, then? :)

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Go to Barcelona, walk around shopping and snack on street food, have regular siestas, wake up for some tapas, eat dinner and sangria, go dancing, sleep, repeat.

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I was uploading a photo to Flickr, when I ran into this advertisement. Anyone?

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Nice one Klaas…...think I shall be entering that (can’t hurt, right)

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Oh Schnitzel !! That competitions is only for US – no fair!

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I guess, but that is my DREAM and if I went to VISIT him and then he asked me, technically it IS a vacation…VISIT

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Not too sure about that now….....I make a clear distinction between traveling for visits (family/friends) and vacations….although I end up using my vacation days for both, which kinda sucks.

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mrs., I’m with ya on that. That’s stupid they removed your answer- the question was dream vacation so maybe you’re definition of a dream vacation is different from someone elses.

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Yea. I mean I am GOING somewhere, so that is a vacation

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Not so. A hiatus in normal activity, with a change in activity such that you enjoy yourself in fun ways, is a VACATION. It’s supposed to restore you so you can re-enter your life of drudgery and mindless ladder-climbing. GOING SOMEWHERE could be nothing more than more of said drudgery.
Going somewhere to marry Tim Curry might be a vacation for some people.

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I live in Washington. He lives in Tinseltown. If I go to California and see him and then he proposes to me then it is basically a vacation. Besides, that is my DREAM and it is a vacation. put it together and it’s a DREAM VACATION!!!

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I would love to go backpacking through the United States, there are so many cool things that are just in our back door but we speed by so fast that we never get a chance to see them.

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Dream Vacation- The entire world ! To explore so much of it :)

Africa- Egypt, and then to India, Tibet…........ I like spiritual places….and go shopping in Paris, France ;)

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