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Can I use a WACOM stylus with any capacitive touchscreen tablet?

Asked by unused_bagels (1749points) August 16th, 2011

I’m into graphic design, and I love my pressure-sensitive stylus I use on my PC. I’m looking into getting a tablet so I can move about the house, and would love to be able to draw straight onto the screen when the urge strikes me. I’ve tried looking up Wacom’s “penabled” technology, but I can’t figure out what that means, what kinds of tablets support it, etc.
Resistive touchscreens are counterproductive to me on a screen that size, but if there was a capacitive with the option to use a resistive stylus, I’d be all over that.

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As far as just tablets go, the HTC Flyer has this feature – I don’t think it’s as well implemented as it is on the actual Wacom tablets, but at the moment it’s the closest to what you describe.

The other thing to consider is a Tablet-PC, although in my experience these are clunky as hell.

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