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Does anyone have any real info on the WePad?

Asked by jerv (31034points) April 13th, 2010

I found this new, upcoming device called WePad but I haven’t been able to find out terribly much about it. It seems to take the best of the iPad with few/none of the problems, but that is all marketing hype and therefore suspect.

Does anyone else here know anything about it? Or have you found more info than I have thus far? All I have found thus far is this and I would like to know more about it.

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This is actually the first I’m hearing about it. The six hour max battery life is a dealbreaker for me, though. I need better than that.

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I have been searching for more info myself.

I really was digging the iPad at first, until word of Steve Jobs anti-flash campaigning reached my ears. I don’t like that they want to control my web experience and to add insult to injury they spew lies about their reasons for not allowing flash.

With my dreams of owning a cool tablet dashed I resigned myself to net-book hell or at least that was until WePad came along. Thank god for those crazy Germans and their iPad rip-off that is actually better than the iPad. I just hope that I don’t have to read German to get it working ;-)

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Seems pretty cool if you don’t care about the apple apps. If it runs Android software you should be able to have access to all of those apps then. And it supports Flash. Sounds promising. Love to hear more about it and how it can be integrated with US 3G data networks.

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@Seek_Kolinahr Such is the price of computing power, I guess. Of course, those specs are for the first-gen models. I am sure that between advances in battery technology, manufacturing methods, and some shrewd power management, they’ll be in the 8–10 hour range at least if they make it to 3rd-gen. And who know, maybe a strap-on external battery could be an option.

Personally, I’ve never needed more than 4–5 hours myself, but I’m not you. However, I think that the choice will always be “small/light, fast, or long-lasting: pick two”.

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Till now there exists no WePad.
There is an advertising campaign at facebook and you can find also informations on these sites:

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