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What does your Webify collage look like?

Asked by Paul (2714points) August 16th, 2011

If you have a spare three minutes take this quick quiz and post your results here. It’s quite cool. Lots of varied results. Here’s mine.

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Whatever the fuck this means.

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That was fun! Some of it was spot on.

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They have Android written down but thats an iPone. wtf?

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I’ll never know. I clicked on your link and saw Sock Monkeys. Webify is a tool of Satan and those goddamn Sock Monkeys prove it!

fuck you sock monkeys! you’ll never take me!

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I think it describes me well.

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I think therefore I

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here’s mine
not sure how accurate it is, but it’s cute

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Some of it makes sense, I guess. I actually have that watercolor set in real life. But what’s with that mustache-nose-glasses thing? I want one.

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The assumptions underlying this questionnaire do not apply well to me so the results are greatly inaccurate. I could post it, but it would fail to disclose much of relevance about me to my fellow Jellies.

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The KRIS collage. The car keys, sketchbook, mix tape and energy bar make sense.

The XXX package baffles me. Nothing in the quiz logically points to that, and even if it was using my browsing information, it doesn’t make sense. Looking at my history, the most risque page I went to was a recipe for a banana hammock… with a real banana. And chocolate. Unless the quiz was able to access information about how often I use Chromium’s incognito mode?

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