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Can you beat this game/quiz?

Asked by AlyxCaitlin (933points) February 20th, 2010

Here’s the link;

I can’t get past question 15 and I need someone’s help (:

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My old roommate spent almost an entire school year trying to beat that quiz….I gave up after a day. Good luck though

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@sevenfourteen lolol it’s really addicting (:

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I’ve gotten pretty far on the app for my iPod Touch, but haven’t quite finished it. It’s quite frustrating. ):

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#15 – You need to click the letters H-O-R-S-E in succession.

(I love this game btw).

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@DominicX thank you! hahaha I might have more questions if you’ve been any further (:

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Thanks a F’n lot!! I am so toast now….

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Stupid ass bullshit made by aliens to distract us like gerbils. They’re watching from spaceships and laughing.

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Fun quiz. Well, if you lose, all you have to do is start again. The questions are the same, so you can figure it all out eventually. #15 is what DominicX said, do you need help with 16?

Hint: It’s not referring to the alphabet, but to “the alphabet”.

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Link doesn’t work for me :(

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I hate you. Now I’m addicted!!! >_< lol I’v egotten to question 19 though!!!

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Okay, I don’t get #40 at all. When someone solves that one, get back to me. :)

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Ahh yes, I almost beat it a few times, such a shame you can’t use any skips if you want to win…

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@ChaosCross Are you serious?!!!
Oh my GOD. I seriously thought you were supposed to skip a couple of them!
sigh well now I should just give up. Stupid deal or no deal and werewolves :(

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@chongalicious Did you figure it out? I need help on #19.

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15—you type in “horse”

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@ChocolateReigns SPOILER

#19 – Click the colors in order. BOGGY = blue/orange/green/green/yellow.

As for the werewolf one, some of them you just have to figure out by process of elimination. The answer is “shoe polish” but I have no idea why. There are other questions like that as well. It’s lame-o, but whatevs.

I like the ones where you can’t just use PoE. It’s more of a test that way. :)

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@ChocolateReigns yea, I figured that out, but @DominicX answered ya for me! thanks :)
I’ve gotten up to # 40 now!! Yeesssss!
Who knows how many questions there are?

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I don’t get number 40.. :( I even tried opening a new tab so my cursor would get out of that little circle, but that doesn’t solve anything. I really don’t want to Google search it, but what the hell are you supposed to do?

I have solved every one up to #40.

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@DominicX I got #40!!! SPOILERRR!

haha after you put the mouse in the area, to go over to the other area left click and hold it down til you’re in the other circle! There’s your bridge ;)

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I don’t know if I ever would’ve gotten that…haha…thanks! :D

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@DominicX #40 you gotta alt+tab to another window, set your cursor over the next question dot, then alt+tab back to the quiz window.

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@Chongalicious Oooohhhh that’s a good one, too.

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Yeah, I couldn’t figure out how to control tabs with the keyboard, but that did cross my mind! So I guess there are multiple methods.

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How many questions are there anyway??

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I got to 86. Skills. Or lack of social life.

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Now that I know there are at least that many, I’m going to have to keep going!

If I could just get passed #56…

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I’m pretty sure there’s actually like 120. Which one is #56? I should be able to help you.

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I found all the answers and have since lost interest. I made it to 60-something.

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When you finish that one you can try the Impossible Quiz #2

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What’s 20? Darn addictiveness

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@toomuchcoffee911 click the link @lilikoi provided if you get stuck on any of them!

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quite addicting!

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I’m up to 37 and am addicted now.

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I’m up to 36, but I have to live life for a spell

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Ugh; I got up to 80-something…can’t get past that damn shooting star thingy :( I guess my hand-eye coordination isn’t so great haha

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@Chongalicious The 80s! I haven’t even gotten past 51!

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@Pseudonym I know, I got skills ;) dusts off shoulder lol, no really I just have no life hehe!

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@Chongalicious That made me laugh.

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