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How can I solve my external hard drive problem?

Asked by antimatter (4392points) August 18th, 2011

I bought my second Samsung G3 external 2tb hard drive, I used it a few weeks ago to back up all my data on it and had no problems.
Since last week I am trying to use it but my computer will not pick it up and the lights shows that it’s on but it’s not on my system. I changed the ports a few times, rebooted my system a few times and even changed and checked the cables. I even tried to do a hardware search but still nothing. My other Samsung is working without any problems.

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It’s not uncommon for computers to not recognize more than 1 external drive of that size. That is why I have four 1TB drives instead of two 2TB ones.

Unplug the first one, then plug in the new one. I bet it will recognize it.

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What OS are you running? That piece of information is critical to providing you steps to troubleshoot.

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Have you tried the HD with another computer? It may just be broken.

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First thing you should do is to try and boot it from some other computer? It might the external hard-drive itself! Try to keep your hands on the top of it and feel if it’s spinning? I had a problem once just like that and it turned out to be from the external hard-drive! It wasn’t spinning from the inside and the light was just on so yeah.

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Are you using the same cable you were using with it the first time? Some of these need two USB ports for their power requirements. If so, make sure you use both plugd, or at least the one in the middle.

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