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So, I'm in charge of my group's Twitter account. What should I be doing to make it help us grow?

Asked by Sarcasm (16751points) August 19th, 2011

It’s a 13-person group. We throw gaming (PC and console) events every month.

For the last year, the events have been hosted in residences. We’re moving out into professional spaces that we’ve rented. And now an effort is being put into trying to grow, get our team into other events, and get our name known locally.

Most of my responsibilities within the group are community-based. So, one of the roles is to find a way to use Twitter to our advantage.

I avidly use Twitter for personal reasons, but figuring out Twitter for an organization is giving me trouble.
We only throw one event per month, so it’s not like there’s a big need to post reminding people about a bunch of events coming up. I feel like just posting every few days for a countdown to the event seems dumb. (But I’m the kind of person who, on a personal level, puts everything on a calendar so I always know when things are happening)

So I guess the issue boils down to..
1) What could we as a group do to get people following and interacting with us on Twitter? (I’m not looking for mindless hordes of spam followers, but actual interested users)
2) Aside from using it to just mention when our next event is, what kind of things would be good ideas to announce to people?

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Announce if the place changes from the usual place.
Announce if you still need someone to volunteer to bring the crackers/wine/ice/toilet paper.

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My own answers to this (maybe they’re helpful, maybe not).

1) Have a forum/youtube/anything channel or some ventrilo servers where you can invite people to them via your events. Eventually, as you start having more events people will start flocking there and in turn, twitter.

2) As a start, you could ask about feedback from your events, post links to articles that may or may not be relevant, or post articles that someone in your group may have written.

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I don’t know about attracting new followers, because I fail at that. But if you want your existing members to interact with the Twitter account, you could ask for suggestions on places to hold your events, or suggestions for ‘theme nights’, if that’s something that would work for you. Holding a contest is always good, too. Give away, say, some movie tickets or whatever, and have a drawing from the people who retweet you.

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Make your Twitter feed fun. Send out funny jokes or anecdotes every two hours. Have a member or members of your own play a game at least an hour a day ( that shouldn’t be hard ) and tweet interesting quips and new discoveries about the game. Maybe it could be re-tweeted enough to other people with the same interest as you.

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