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Should I register up for a twitter account?

Asked by nailpolishfanatic (6617points) October 18th, 2010

The question says it all. Since now I have my computer back and I can keep on making Youtube videos again, I was thinking of signing up for a twitter account. I also have a blogspot, but am running out of ideas on what to blog about.
I dont have a phone that you can use to go on the internet and so I only post twitts when I am on the computer.
Do you have a twitter account?
Do you like it?
How else do I use it other than just posting what I am doing and all that?
Do you think its a good idea to get myself a twitter?
What are the disadvantages?

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If you can’t think what you would use it for, why do it? I can’t see any purpose but ego.

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I don’t have a twitter and I don’t really see/have a use for one.

That said, you should do what thou wilt.

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I have an account, but I don’t use it. I only use twitter for the search feature where you can search a topic and see real-time feedback from people. This doesn’t require you to be logged in.

I’ve never found a need to tell people what I am thinking or doing at all times.

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I had a Twitter account, and after the first day, I never went on it again. I find it pointless. The only social network site I like is Facebook. Twitter is too much of a hassle.

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@all, I guess there is no point in having one then :/ – Just a waste of time? and could maybe get me in danger…

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I don’t Twitter because I have Facebook and Fluther and a Blog and it takes me all my time to keep up with those. The internet shouldn’t replace life but be an aid to life.

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I have a twitter account because that’s how some people prefer to reference me/contact me. I rarely do any “tweeting” myself.

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@nebule ‘twitt’
I am thinking of signing up though and if I dont like it I just deactivate the account?

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It might make more sense to get some more real life experiences if you are already having trouble coming up with content for your existing internet connectors.

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I don’t understand Twitter. I got an account to follow some musicians I like, but I rarely use it myself. Frankly, the whole setup of the website confuses it.

Why don’t you just use Facebook to update your status? It’s the same thing, basically. And there’s more to do on Facebook.

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@ParaParaYukiko lol I update my facebook statuses every minute! :P

I think I will just try out twitter and see what happens.

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To me, Twitter is better than Facebook. I love it.
You can use it to meet new people, talk to people with the same interests, tweet things you like and want others to see, or you can use it for whatever else you’d like.
As a web/graphic designer it’s nice for me because I can network with other designers and developers and chat about different things having to do with design and web development. It’s also nice because I can learn new things from what other people I follow tweet.
Everyone uses it for their own reasons – you just have to find a reason good enough for you.

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Well, you said you make Youtube videos – Twitter can be a way of promoting your videos and increasing viewership. I find Twitter extremely useful as a source of news and amusement, and it’s a good means of spread links as well. I would sign up and give it a try – the worst that can happen is that you dislike it!

Oh, and you can update Twitter by text message, so you don’t always need an internet connection to update from your phone.

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@Thesexier ?? not sure I understand

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You said “I dont twitter” I think its supposed to be I dont “twitt”

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@Thesexier It’s actually “I don’t tweet”.

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..or tweet perhaps

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Twitter is great if you use it properly. As in sharing useful information, to a blog post or video etc., but no ones going to care if you tweet that you are going for a shower or heading to the grocery store.

I have a Twitter account mostly because in the web design community you are expected to have one and use it. I don’t really care about Twitter, but I do use it to share useful information relating to my work.

So yeah if you use it properly and convey useful information to followers, Twitter can be great. If you share pointless information about trips to the mall and what you’re eating right that second, don’t bother.

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@wenn ah yeah that annoys me so much when people write on Facebook “going to take a shower”
I do that sometimes but it just bothers me.
So I will make a twitter account. Use it to update my subscribers on Youtube about videos and stuff.

@nebule yeah sorry it’s “tweet” :P

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I use twitter.
I tweet about my stupid thoughts, I have replies to other peoples’ stupid thoughts, and I share links of things that I think are cool.
A lot of the people that I follow on twitter are Jellies, but I also follow a handful of celebrities (Obama, Simon Pegg, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Conan O’brien. Those kinds of people. Not the Snookies of the world), people involved in the Starcraft community, and other accounts associated with game developers that I’m interested in.

Don’t get a twitter just for the sake of having one, get one because you want to follow the thoughts of certain people.

@ParaParaYukikoWhy don’t you just use Facebook to update your status? It’s the same thing, basically. And there’s more to do on Facebook.” With Facebook (at least, the people I associate with), it seems weird to do more than an update every few days, and they’re generally reserved for actual updates in someone’s life. With Twitter, people aren’t afraid to do 10 updates in day, with all sorts of stupid thoughts (myself included) and links. If I was to post as much on Facebook as I did on Twitter, I’m quite certain I’d frequently be told to stop.
Different services, different purposes, different expectations.

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@Sarcasm That’s why I like Facebook and avoid using Twitter. You don’t get bombarded by people’s stupid thoughts that you don’t care about. I don’t think either should be used that way, but perhaps that’s just me.

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Just sign up, if you don’t use it, the account’s there and nothing happens, no problem. I signed up some day, didn’t really use it at first, then at some point I started using it and now it’s gaining critical mass over here I’m hooked.

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I have a Twitter account and a Plurk account. They both do more or less the same thing but in different ways. Twitter reaches a bigger audience but Plurk is more interactive; it’s threaded, like Fluther, so it’s easier to make and follow replies. I love Plurk and I’m on it nearly all day, but Twitter, I barely look at a couple of times a week. You can crosspost from Plurk to Twitter and Facebook, so you can update all three at the same time. And Plurk has “lurve” too, but they call it Karma.

But really, it depends what your friends use the most.

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I would get a twitter account just to reserve the username that you would like in the event that one day you would like to use it.

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I have one now:P

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