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When was the last time your legs turned to jelly and your heart jumped into your throat?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) August 22nd, 2011

What was the last thing, or incident that made your legs turn to jelly, and you lose your breath? Were you alone, traveling, someone else caused it, or was it an animal, etc?

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Your question about 6 year olds wearing thongs… that was hot.

There is no such thing as hell, but I’ll still find a way to go there, lol lol lulz

Serious answer: the ride to the top of Dragon Khan in Port Aventura.

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Probably about 5 years ago when I found the Myspace page of a girl I had unprotected sex with 5 years prior…because she apparently had a kid that was 4–5 years old. Wasn’t mine, after all.

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When my ex-husband told me he would never cheat on his current wife… unless it was with me. He has never cheated on anyone before (and, yes, I do know that to be true) which is a good part of why I had that reaction.

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Never. I take things as they come even if they may surprise me a lot.

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I came home from grocery shopping and there was a fire engine in front of my house. A fireman walked up to me and said “Mr. Cruiser….your son has had a bit of an accident as has been rushed to the hospital”....

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Just now, the wife has just indicated that lunch is ready….....gulp!! :¬(

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The last time? That would probably be when I had to jump off the 34-foot tower as part of my airborne refresher course after many years absence.

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Yesterday. My 12 year old daughter said she was going to ride her bike to the park and back. It’s not far, and doesn’t take long. But we waited, and waited, and she hadn’t come home. I drove to the park to look for her, and the closer I got to the park without seeing her, the worse I felt. I knew she’d gotten off her bike to go hiking in the woods and would be fine, but every episode of Law and Order I’ve ever seen flashed through my mind at the same time.

So, there was her bike parked near her favorite hiking spot—an unmarked, unofficial trail. I think it’s actually a deer trail. I called her name. No answer. That would be about the time I felt the worst, but fortunately my cell phone rang. It was my husband, calling to tell me our daughter was at home. She’d gotten lost in the woods and was so turned around she came out of the woods near the school. She knew her way home from there, but was really scared and upset. At least I didn’t have to feel such panic for long, even though the rational part of my brain was insisting she would be fine.

Now my husband and I are in serious cell phone negotiations. He wants her to have all the bells and whistles, and I want her to be able to only make calls. Ugh.

There have been a few other such moments since I had kids. I swear, they are taking years off my natural life span.

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@MissAusten That had to be terrifying and I am a firm believer in cell phones especially for emergencies. On vacation a few weeks back I agreed to allow my son to do a solo trip in the boat in the dark so he could have that same experience I had at his age. This is a big lake and he was not as familiar with it as I was at his age and sure enough a get a call and he asks are you to the right or left of the flashing light!

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Tuesday night. A friend of mine and I exchanged a series of…ahem… interesting texts that turned many parts of me into jelly. ;)

@MissAusten: Just even reading that, I felt terrified for you. :( Give her a hug for me!

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Friday afternoon when I realized that my car was no longer going to run.

We were moving my 19 year old son in to his dorm when old red gave up the ghost. I knew that not only was my family going to be without a vehicle for the foreseeable future but we were going to have to pay for a tow that I couldn’t afford. I have never felt so helpless and worthless in my life and hope to never have that feeling again.

For the record, the vehicle problem has been solved. We just have to tough out the next two weeks before we get one.

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Last week when Charles Shaugnessy (aka Mr. Sheffield from The Nanny) mad a guest appearance on Fran Drescher’s new show Happily Divorced. I was just hoping that they would kiss. They did! It was magical.

My answer isn’t about something awful happening, thank goodness, because lord knows there has been plenty of awful stuff happening to me and all of the rest of you for the last few years. It was just so nice to have something great happen. Something so simple as a kiss on TV.

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I was about to go outside in the dark to bring my dog in when I heard a horrid noise from out the window. It sounded like a cross between a fisher cat, a gremlin, and a dying bird! I have no clue what it was and it made my entire body have the chills. I was going to record it but I was to late and only got a piece of the ending.

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A few mornings back I saw my little doggie walking crooked and one of his back legs slipping out from under him. I figured he must’ve had a stroke or seizure we didn’t see and immediately broke into tears at the thought of him on his last legs since he’s now 10yrs old.

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When @KatawaGrey was 13 she got run over. When I saw her lying in the street, before I saw her move and realized she was alive, that was the exact sensation I had. It was only a second or two, but it was the longest six weeks of my life. Just recounting it here has me weak and having trouble breathing…

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I was invited to a Managers Conference (I am not a manager) for my company. While sitting and watching with 2 other tradesmen I work with, we were unexpectedly introduced as the 3 people who would make an important project fly. I barely could get to my feet, and couldn’t stand up straight. When we sat down again, I leaned over and whispered to my coworkers “if this project fails, we just gave the failure a face”.

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