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I’m not afraid of nuthin’. Well, maybe fear.

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Spiders. No question. I don’t like spiders, or other things with more than four legs.

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After watching The Prisoner, I am now afraid of large, white inflatable balls that follow me and bounce aggressively on my face.
I am also frightened by the 1960s

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Spiders. If they’re any bigger than the size of a dime, I get hot and clammy and panicky. If they’re really big I can get so panicked that I throw up :(

Lamas are pretty fucking scary, too.

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Heights. But I don’t mind spiders.

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I am most freaked out by the idea of eternity. The thought that, in the best case scenario, after I die I’ll be left to wander the universe with all my loved ones. There wouldn’t be any problems to solve or conflicts to overcome. I am terrified of getting bored. I could live the life of the universe again, and again and alter some things but I would grow weary. I have the same sence of dread about the afterlife as I do when I think about the Big Freeze theory. The idea that the universe will just keep expanding and all the stars will go out then all the black holes will evaporate away. Everything will get colder and darker and eventually there will be no chance at life and existance will just fizzle away.

I also don’t like spiders.

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Nothing really. Sometimes heights (like in a ladder).

@Ashpea9288: We have a llama at the farm I work at. She’s actually quite pleasant and eats apples.

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@cprevite I’ve heard that llamas are quite friendly. I honestly don’t know what my problem is. Their necks are just…uuughghhhh

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I used to have Allodoxaphobia (fear of opinions) but my time here at Fluther has helped me clear that up.

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I’m am terrified by rats and or mice..They freak the hell out if me I feel like passing out when I see them..

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This was a nice dodge around the guidelines. Did your other question get deleted?

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Hasn’t this question been asked before?

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Authority figures and mail. Oh, and telephones.

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Blood. I was one of the kids that had to go outside and lie on the lawn when my 5th grade class took a field trip to the blood bank.

What is weird is that I love to watch CSI and Fringe. TV blood is not a problem.

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Anesthesia. The phobia is a big problem for me. I STILL won’t go for a cholonoscopy I’m supposed to go for. I don’t fear the procedure – only the anesthesia. And it isn’t one I could GRADUALLY overcome, either (or should I say “ether”?).

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<—Serious, Lifelong, Card-carrying Arachnophobe!

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@johnpowell can save us all from spiders. Me first. =]

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I can do that.. For a small fee..

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I have a document of all of them on my other computer! When It is fixed, I will show you.

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My wife thinks that I have a phobia about drinking bad milk, just because I always sniff the jug before I pour. I’d rather think of it as just being cautious.

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I am highly afraid of looking out a window as tall as me or taller. I’m not to sure what type this is. a phobia… but I am 5’3 and when I look out of a window that tall, I feel like I am going to fall out of it. I’m also afraid of heights. Now I can go on a roller coaster, but not on a bridge.

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Hunter spiders or jumping spiders and flying roaches and millipedes.

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Lousy drivers who endanger everyones life and think accidents can’t happen to them.
They make me not want to drive.This is a Phobia but it is based on Reality.
I see them texting and driving or talking and driving. Drivers that cut everyone off and switch lanes every minute, they don’t signal and leave no space between cars.

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