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What scares you?

Asked by ibstubro (18765points) September 11th, 2016

Leaving the current US presidential election aside, what scares you the most?

People seem to hate critters that surprise them.

Wide open.

Disability scares me.
I’m afraid of rats.
I hate centipedes and millipedes.

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Yellow-black insects, grey aliens. Vicious little fuckers.

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Clowns and bad hygiene…they kinda go hand in hand

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The idea of a painful degenerative disease and having to cope with it on my own.

Other than that, the idea of snakes on a plane gives me the willies – and not in a good way.

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Nothing to narrow down the list?

I’m scared of injustice ruling the world. A world akin to North Korea is a nightmare. Corruption everywhere, idiots having total power, people getting killed just for bluffing…

Oh, and lock-in syndrome too. There is no way you can convince anyone you are very much alive. Sooner or later people will have to euthanize you.

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The usual stuff. Trump, poverty (the chance of my own), death and disease.

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Stupid people in authority. (This goes for not just politicians, but also corporations and teachers and such)

People who are insincere.

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Becoming disabled.

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As a popular meme making the rounds on Facebook says, “In my youth I thought that quicksand would be much more problematic to me than it has been.”

Since that has been more or less disproven by experience, I’m not scared of a whole lot. But I tend to not leave the house much, either. If I can avoid going out, then I surely will do that.

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I have trouble even watching movies with them.

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But besides form it:

Height. I get afraid and dizzy even if I climb on a stool. You’ll never see me on those big wheels like London eye or in a glass elevator.

Space, as in cosmos. Imagine yourself floating in space. No boundaries, no sound, not a single movement, no life. Nothing. Just you.

Walking around with an open backpack. It led me to some sort of an obsession to triple check if my bag is closed. Sometimes I would be walking with my bag and suddenly get a feel that it is open. Of course, I then have to take it off to see that it is closed.

And some other things, like Big Brother, some very eerie conspiracy theories, sociopaths, stuff here.

How can I be sure that I am communicating here with real people and not some programs?

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@Sneki95 I’m not sure if you are human either ~

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Okay, I will admit it: grocery shopping. I’m going now. I hope to return one day… to clean up the kitchen and then do the laundry.

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A naked morbidly obese woman sitting on my face, twerking
That & a house staff revolt…karma can be a right bitch

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@Mimishu1995 Sometimes I question my humanity too.

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The only thing I fear is debilitating old age and poverty these days.
Otherwise I am quite non-neurotic and there isn’t a critter on the planet that scares me. Bugs, snakes, all creatures great and small fascinate me.
As far as my fear of being old and poor, well, that’s easily remedied, and I have every intention of checking out under my own power if things become intolerable.

I have adjusted amazingly well to losing it all in the recession a few years back. It hasn’t been fun or pleasant but I have learned I am very creative, resourceful and resilient even though I have suffered some pretty shitty depressive episodes. Something I have never been prone to as I have always been a life loving, enthusiastic, optimistic sort of personality.
I am all about quality over quantity. I have had a pretty good life and a wonderful period of joy and prosperity so if the lights go out in Georgia tonight, I’m at peace.

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After having the experience of having a chronic condition and how badly that has fucked with my last ten years, I live in fear of ever getting another diagnosis.

Even still, I have been lucky in some ways. My longest hospitalization was 11 days and I was losing my goddamn mind by the end of it. It scares me so bad when I read about people getting in car accidents and then spending a month or more in hospital. I don’t know if I could do it. I almost feel like I’d rather die in the accident than suffer that much.

I am terrified of having anything happen to my health insurance. I feel limited in the choices I can make with my life due to the extreme importance of maintaining health insurance. People my age dream of doing crazy things like backpacking the world for a few years; I cannot.

Also, spiders.

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Being in pain and unable to help myself.

Losing all my money.

Having to work until I die.

Dying before the age of 70.

Losing any of my 5 senses.

Being lonely.

Not having had children.

Having to fight a scary disease like cancer or heart disease.

That the world, my world, will change drastically for the worse.

I don’t dwell on any of these things much, but they creep into my thoughts now and then.

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The future.

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Being stuck here past 65.

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@Hypocrisy_Central Do you mean on Fluther?

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Being broke.

Something bad happening to my daughter.

Having no health insurance.


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@janbb Do you mean on Fluther?
I wish I would be here until I was 65, I would cap myself like Old Yeller. If I am still hanging around here past 2017 I would have to say I was a complete failure.

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Mutant ninja rats from hell.
One of the few critters that aren’t even cute babies.
A farmer once told me you have to be really careful of cows that die out in the field. The possums will chew out the butthole and eat the rotting carcass from the inside out. That describes my opinion of possums perfectly.

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@ibstubro Awww…Possums are cute.

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“Aww…look at that cute possum crawling out of that rotten cow carcass’ butthole!”

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@ibstubro LOL…hey, they have to eat too, not any different than a vulture or a hyena eating something dead. The possums around here just like cat food. haha

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