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Does this sound like a good one-year of dating present?

Asked by LocoLuke (1126points) August 22nd, 2011

My girlfriend and I will have been dating for a year by the end of this month, and I’m trying to think of a good present.

Right now I’m thinking of flowers, a nice dinner at our favorite restaurant (a good sushi place which we only go to on special occasions due to the price), and a 90 minute couples massage lesson (gift certificate, because I’d rather let her choose the time) because that’s something that I can keep on giving her afterwards. She suffers from frequent migraines and chronic shoulder/back issues due to sports injuries, so that’s something I’m pretty sure she’d appreciate.

For reference, we’re both sophomores in college, 19 years old.

Do you guys think she’d be happy with it? Other suggestions are welcome, but I need to decide on something within the next few days.

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That sounds wonderful!

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That sounds marvelous. If she shows any signs of being less than ecstatic, you could throw the massage my way.

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I think your program sounds marvelous and very thoughtful of her.

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Perfect. Put the gift certificate inside a nice sappy card with a sweet personal message. Your plan is really, really, really nice.

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We should all have/had thoughtful partners like you :D
What a lucky girl! I hope she really appreciates you.

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Sounds good to me. Well done.

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I would suggest adding something that she can keep forever in addition to what you are planning like a bracelet or some earrings. I got my first girlfriend cheap earrings for our one year anniversary about 17 years ago and she still has them.

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It sounds perfect. I would love that kind of a gift. I agree with @johnpowell to also give a keepsake that doesn’t have to be expensive at all. Just something she can look at years later and remember that you gave it to her on your anniversary.

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If you give anything massage related, let it be a massage from a pro. Once you do something like that lesson . . . you are bound to massages forever. And trust me, your hands WILL get tired! LOL

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My immediate reaction was a little voice in the back of my head screaming “if you set the bar too high its only going to suck from there on out! hope to God you are a rich person in which case it doesn’t matter, oh if only you knew what you had in store for you in the future” ...

but after a little reflection.. it sounds like a great gift.

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You are amazingly thoughtful for a 19 year old…there are people three times your age who grab anything they can find for their wives and girlfriends (at the last minute usually at the petrol station) and call it “an anniversary gift.” Others don’t do a thing. Hope you stay this thoughtful.

I would also add a small keepsake…something handmade from Etsy, maybe? They have lovely small bracelets (from handwoven to the real stuff) other jewelry, things that can be personalized or perhaps a photo of you two…in a nice frame? Something she can keep. I like that idea. Another very inexpensive idea that I have suggested before (on Fluther) is a pretty little box filled with little slips of paper and each one has a reason you love her. (Say two dozen reasons….two dozen slips of paper. The more the better…from the silly…” I love you because you always squint when you read labels.” to more serious..“I love you because you are willing to talk things out until we find a common solution.” ) And tell her that when she doubts your love, she can open the box and take out a slip of paper.

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@DarlingRhadamanthus: That’s a great idea about the box of “I love you’s”.

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You sound really sweet and very thoughtful. I can’t think of any female that wouldn’t love this gift. Hopefully the massage lessons will teach you how to do a facial massage. One of my friends did massage for a job and she taught me how to do it, it really does help people that have bad headaches and stress, and it feels marvelous even if you don’t have either of those problems. She also taught me how to do a massage of the other person’s hand. Never thought about it before, but when you cradle the weight of the other person’s forearem and hand in yours and gently pull on the joints of the fingers and roll your thumbs around on the ball and palm of their hand, it feels like magic.

Your girlfriend is a lucky person : )

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Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions! The box of “I love you”‘s sounds like a great idea, I’ll definitely keep that in mind. The last present I gave her, on valentine’s day, was a piece of jewelry from Tiffany’s, so I’m not sure I want to give her jewelry again because that would be too consistant.

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Dear LocoLuke,

After Tiffany’s, my dear…you can definitely take a break…but you want to be consistent you don’t want to be redundant….glad you liked the “I love you” suggestion!

Nineteen, Tiffany’s, Nineteen, Tiffany’s oy vey we should be nineteen again girls

@Neizvestnaya…Thanks so much!

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@mrrich724 missed your comment.
All I can say is this: I already work on her shoulders and back a fair amount, so I really woudn’t be giving her more massages after this – just better ones. I’ve got strong enough hands that I don’t get tired from massaging easily, probably because I did a lot of sports massage back in highschool as a part of sports medicine.

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Sounds absolutely lovely, especially with the addition of something she can keep forever. That girl ought to marry you!

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Aww, wish my boyfriend did that for our one year! I think she’ll love it from what you’ve said about her. If she’s a romantic make a coupon for a day trip somewhere. Ex’s beach, city/art museums(if you’re into that) or make up a couple coupons like a dinner at the restaurante you mentioned, make them special that’ll mean something for both of you. Regardless of what you do I’m sure she’ll appreciate it!!

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I think she would really enjoy it. For the simple fact, you acknowledged her back and sholders problems and you thought of something to give her. That’s thoughtful and sweet. And flowers and dinner is always great!! I think she’ll love it and be very thankful for the massage. I hope you guys enjoy!!
Why couldn’t my boyfriend do that on our one year anniverssary lol?!?!??
Oh FYI, uncooked, raw food isn’t always good to eat. But it’s like uncooked eggs, chicken beek and fish can have tapeworms. If I were you I would check my food before I eat it because you never know there could always be a tapeworm. Sorry but just informing you. Have fun!!

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When I was 19 and dating somebody for a year we ended up at McDonald’s or something similar. I think this sounds amazingly thoughtful and I bet she’ll love it. I believe that anything with sushi is fantasic and the massage lesson is a great idea!

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This sounds like a wonderful gift. So thoughtful! I think it is really sweet when a guy cooks his girlfriend a fancy meal himself (if he is a good cook). Also, he tells her to put her feet up and gives her a glass of wine while he cooks for her. After dinner, you could give her a message yourself. I also like the idea of making a basket of her favorite movie, chocolate, and other things that symbolize inside jokes you share. Just a nice little package of things she loves with a sappy card.

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Sounds great!! Sounds like you really know what she would like best. Maybe you could throw in a card and some massage oil or lotion so after the massage lesson you can continue to practice.

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Does anyone here doubt from our answers that there are probably a lot of girls/women out there who really like this stuff?

@LocoLuke: If your girl is anything like some of us in fluther then most of her gf’s are going to be jealous and their guys too. Really, most males don’t bother putting much thought and certainly don’t put much follow through or effort into little celebrations (big one’s either).

Kudos to you for rising above the convenience store pit stop gift-at-the-last-minute!

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@jim_ferd actually she already has a bunch of massage aids :)

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