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How serious is the situation in the world?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10191points) August 22nd, 2011

Ok, so lots of wars. Some serious economic upheaval, commodities soaring.

Where are we at? Anyone in the know want to key in the rest of us jellies how things are looking?

I think there’s an outside chance we’re in trouble… I mean, there’s a LOT going on worldwide.

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It’s really no different than it has always been.

I imagine your question was one of the first being inscribed in clay tablets and has continued being asked every year since then. Wars and economic crises have been the norm in human history far more than any kind of peace time boons.

Sure, we have the ability to kill a lot more of us off but I believe in the human spirit. Whatever is left of the population will eventually crawl out of the rubble and start the same old shit all over again.

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The US population hasn’t been this adamantly divided since the 1830–1865. The industrial nations haven’t been this economically challenged since 1929–1938. If we learned from the mistakes we made in those 2 periods, we can pull out of it.

Frankly I don’t have much hope with the current crop of national and world leaders, on either side of the issues.

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Well other than what you have already stated, I don’t see anything else. I mean I agee with Blondesjon. Eveything is the same either it gets worse or better. But there’s not much different than anything in the past. Prices are increasing, wars are being fought, violence is occurring, and economic problems will always be there. So there’s not much of a difference. I’ve also heard about there not being a dollar bill in US currency. The situations will always be the same but much worse. How people react is there way. Because for most people there aren’t any situations except maybe war. Their reasoning could be because they have enough of a financial sttability to where the economy problems are mediocre or violence isn’t a problem because they live in a well kept neighborhood where most stereotypical people can’t afford. It depends on your stability in all areas and who you are and where you stand in this world for situations to be serious or moderate.

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@Key I agree with that last bit. Now, how would you say the average American has it at this point considering the world stage? Time to panic? It looks like it to me

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The worst thing is the growing apathy among those in relatively secure financial situations to those who are the most vulnerable through not fault of their own.

Apathy leads to inaction. Inaction results in increasing misery for the starving, the homeless, the unemployed.

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I find this difficult to answer, because I think there’s a lot going on beneath the surface, and from that perspective surface level of events seem somewhat predictable or unsurprising. I think things are more dire in the minds of those who are being led by the snout to believe that the world’s turmoil is organic and engendered by entropy.

The seriousness of it all sort of requires our participation, which isn’t to say “turn on, tune in, and drop out” but to say “The Wizard of Oz” isn’t a bad analogy.

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The world is doing its normal thing, It’s just the United States that’s screwed…

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The biggest problem, which hardly anyone is talking about, is global warming. If what some of the leading scientists are saying is true, we are all fried, literally.

Politically, the most important development is the outbreak of democracy in the Middle East. That will have long term consequences and I think the movement is going to spread.

As to the plight of the industrialized nations, something has to give. You can’t have a viable economy with wealth so concentrated in the hands of the rich. At some point people will rise up and say, enough! It may not be pretty in the short run, but I think things will work out, provided we can survive the climate change.

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The Bible has stated that these wars would be coming, close to the end.

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@john65pennington . . . The doomsayers have been ringing that bell for the last 2000 years as well.

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Today, the media’s ability to detect news-worthy events are more advanced than they were before, therefore resulting in an increase of reporting of a lot more stories.

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@john65pennington Mark 13:7 (King James Version) “And when ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars, be ye not troubled: for such things must needs be; but the end shall not be yet.”

As for me, I don’t believe we’re on the eve of destruction.

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We live in uniquely dangerous times for a number of reasons. Firstly, there are too many people on the planet and the numbers continue to increase beyond the ability of the planet to support them. Secondly, we are ruining the planet by cutting down natural habitats and through pollution of various kinds. Thirdly, our civilization depends upon cheap energy and in particular cheap oil to function and this is rapidly running out. The situation is serious today and will become more so, but there is little inclination to tackle problems that are not easily resolved. Our inadequate philosophy is that if we have jam today, tomorrow will take care of itself.

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Did you hear about the 5.9 earthquake in Mineral, Va., today? Hmmm, @john65pennington, what do you think about that in reference to your previous post. The Pentagon has been evacuated, JFK is closed, friends in family in Baltimore,Maryland, and near Richmond, Va., felt the strong quake. It has been felt as far away as Canada in the area above Detroit.

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@john65pennington Did the ‘bible’ reference these wars? Did the bible reference a civil war in Libya? Unrest in Syria? Yemen? Tunisia? Iran? Did it mention a war in Iraq and Afghanistan? A cold war between North and South Korea?

A 10 year old could predict that “wars are going to happen” or “famines will kill hundreds” “there will be floods”, “disasters”, “fires”, “earthquakes”, “great evils”. All have happened and all will happen again.

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Well, this is exactly why I do not discuss politics and religion. Peoples beliefs are varied and far between and different.

Sorry, no comback answers here. I want to keep my friends….........friends.

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@john65pennington Well, then was your first post a troll message?

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Less serious than 20 years ago. Far less serious than 50 years ago, 200 years ago or 2000 years ago.

The impression that today’s world situation in general is more serious than in the past is an illusion. And the media love it. Bad news do sell.

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As @Dr_Lawrence said: “The worst thing is the growing apathy among those in relatively secure financial situations…”

If the misery of the poor be caused not by the laws of nature, but by our institutions, great is our sin. ~ Charles Darwin

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