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I'm looking for rap music that Christians would find offensive.

Asked by jrpowell (40524points) August 23rd, 2011

There is a garage sale held right outside my window by the church and it bugs the shit out of me. They are loud and total dicks.

What is some offensive (to bible thumpers) rap music I could blast to make them squirm? I tried eazy-e but they seemed to like his homophobia.

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Does it have to be rap? I can think of a band or two that would be just as effective, if not more so, at distressing your neighbors.

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I can try metal. If that doesn’t work I will mount my tv on the roof and set it to Al Jazeera.

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@johnpowell Fantastic. I wish I could be there to observe and give a helping hand of course. Not too up on my rap, but after a google search “Too Short” features a bit if that’s any help?

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Rap is too obvious….to help you get your point across no one will do it better than Frank Zappa…
try these and please post video of their reactions! ;)
catholic Girls

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Just play any Tim Minchin video. Trust me on this.

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Greydon Square (atheist/skeptical hiphop)

I think some xians might find some of his lyrics offensive.

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Rap is too offensive for me to listen to. Try some AC/DC. Hells Bells would be my first choice. Then “Let Me Put My Love Into You”. That should get them fired up.

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You might end up with them coming to your door and ringing while trying to spread the joy of being a Christian. It might annoy you but the more you draw attention to yourself the more harm you can do for yourself. We, as Christians learned how not to take notice of vulgar things. But when someone “abuses: them it’s a thing that starts something in us… what if I go and talk to him about this or that.

Though I have to ask all of the above people… how do you know what a Christian dislikes when you are not Christians? All of the above are just assumptions by least :)

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What I would do? Have loud sex for the duration of the garage sale. Or at least play a recording of loud sex songs. Helps if they hear the woman say, “Oh, Johnpowell, I’m so glad we’re not married!” Good luck :)

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Apocalyptica – I’m not Jesus. It’s rock but should do the trick

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C’mon. Here’s another Greydon Link link. They won’t be into this.

“You hand me a beat
I’ll abuse it like catholic priests
Do to children during the holiest of Vatican weeks
The sack of my beats ain’t phat they enormous
They’ll leave you brainwashed off and lost like a pack of Mormons
You disrespect my clan you better run and hide
The same way Christians accept ‘Intelligent Design’”

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Because that’s the civil thing to do. :\
The complete works of J. Vernon McGee. Really, you run a decent chance of drawing no notice whatsoever.

Funny how this gets all kinds of positive attention, but doing the same to, say, Muslims, would be frowned upon by the community. Hypocrites, all of ya.

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Actually, @Nullo, you are partly right. I don’t think @johnpowell was really asking for music so he could do this. I saw this as an exercise in trying to find hip-hop that was not Christian (which turns out to be rather difficult). Of course it would not be the civil thing to do. It would be an asshole thing to do.

However, here is where you fall into straw man logical fallacy:
“Funny how this gets all kinds of positive attention, but doing the same to, say, Muslims, would be frowned upon by the community. Hypocrites, all of ya.”

Note: This is a myth that is used to develop a sense of victimhood from Christians. Many atheists aren’t particularly fond of Christians, because we see them as immoral impediments to progress. You think atheists are going to think Islam is better?

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@Nullo I actually thought carefully before I answered this, about why I was inclined to answer.
The truth is, it has nothing to do with the fact that it is a church yard sale… it has everything to do with my personal appreciation for how good it feels to piss off neighbors that have pissed you off.

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Anything from the Arab world should do the trick. I rather like this

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I think you should go with some Marilyn Manson.

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Actually. I want to piss them off since they nailed 2X4s into our fence to hang a 60 foot long clothesline. It damn near took our fence down when they put 500 pounds of clothes on it. They were complete dicks when I pointed out that the fence was leaning. I had to go out with a hammer before they agreed to get the shit off our fence.

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And here is the picture of what they tried to hang from our fence.

Two Live Crew for those assholes.

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Ahh the sweet taste of victory.

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