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Would you take a big risk to change your current life?

Asked by Londongirl (1880points) August 24th, 2011

My current situation with love and career life have changed and I am quite fed up with London, and thinking to leave and go somewhere new to start a new life. Do you have the urge to do so and will you take that risk?

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Been there, done that, never regretted it. At 22 I moved 3,000 miles from home and started a completely new life. It was a great thing to do.

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I’d love to move to America when I’ve finished my education and I hope I go through with it, so yes, yes I would.

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I’ve always fantasized about leaving it all behind to go somewhere else and be someone else. I haven’t done it so far. I think it’s harder when you have a family you care about and are responsible for.

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Sometimes it’s just taking a deep breath and taking the jump.

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I have, not just once but twice and I ended up back where I started. A bit hairy but I have no regrets.

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My husband and I did this last year. We let go of the house we owned for 16 years and moved to a new town an hour away from friends and family. It hasn’t been easy, but we’ve never been happier. Change can be a good thing.

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Take the risk and later when things don’t go as planned be sure not to throw the blame on us for suggesting it.

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I truly wish it was that easy! We all develop relationships and responsibilities throughout our lives, most of which are not something we can simply walk away from, but achieving such dramatic changes are often not without their unexpected consequences. (I made a decision to move several states away from everyone and everything I know, and I am beginning to regret it)

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@all of you yes guys… I am thinking to take a big risk. I did that when I was young… now I have an urge to do it again, but this is a big risk…

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@Londongirl – Is it something you want to share? I’m sure we would be happy to give you some sound advice.

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@Bill Lumbergh well, just thinking to make change of life at the moment thats all…

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Yes – I have, several times.

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I frequently have the desire to pack up and move to a new (bigger) city. Mostly it’s the lack of funds stopping me. And the fact that if I get to this new place I won’t have a place to live or a job.
If I could line those two up first, the funds situation might take care of itself.

As it is now, sometimes when I want to get away I just drive to wherever the road takes me. One time I ended up in Portland (I’m from the Sacramento area).

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I’ve changed my life so many times that I think I’ve got the road memorized! Usually, when I changed things, it turned out for the better. Now, I’m getting a bit old and have no desire to change things again. Besides, I’m exactly where I want to be, geographically, relationally, financially, and most other ways. Life is good. : )

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I come to a time that nothing is working at the moment, so I want to take a big risk and do something crazy.

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@Londongirl When you want to do something crazy it’s usually a good time to think it over first.

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I just feel like to jump.

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@Londongirl I didn’t say not to jump, just think it over first.

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Well, for me my life has pretty much been an exercise in the balance of risk vs. potential reward. It has given me a professional career (along with the professional frustration that comes with it) and a great family.

Have I ever had thoughts of blowing it all off to <insert favorite mid-life crisis fantasy here>? Of course, but one has to balance that desire with the potential gains.

If you feel like you need to jump, GO FOR IT!!! However, before you do, consider whether doing so will “burn any bridges” that you want to keep open.

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@YoBob ‘Burn any bridges’ that I want to keep open is a good reminder. But when you have nothing to loose you jump.

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Whoa, why all this talk of “jumping”? The making a big change when you need shaking up is a good thing! Staying static when you’re stagnating is not a good thing. If you won’t damage anyone in the process, and nobody’s going to die, take a chance! If it doesn’t work out exactly as you envision, well, that’s life. I’ve made a few major life changes that I’ve questioned, but then I shifted my perspective and made them work.

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@JilltheTooth I think that jump doesn’t know where it leads me… just the state at the moment I just want to jump.

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I took that risk two years ago when we moved more than 1000 miles away to a new location with no job and not knowing anyone.

It has really paid off for us.

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@marinelife This is something I am thinking about…

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@Londongirl Just do your research first. We made sure that the employment picture was good in my husband’s field.

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@marinelife I have no one, so I just need to think of mine…

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@Londongirl If you feel you have the funds, and have the fortitude for the change, then Go For It!

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Oh yes, I’d love to high-tail it out of here and move. When I have the funds to back it up, I’ll be doing it.

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I’ve done it 6 times—and ready to do it a 7th.

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I am now. It might not seem a big risk to some people, but for me it is.Changing something that I’ve been used to for so long is really hard but I’m going to take it. It’ll get me somewhere better, and maybe your risk will too. :)

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@SpatzieLover Not really have the fund, but I will see if I could manage.. just thinking to do that not really get the plan together yet…

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At this point, I would. I just denno what risk to take. In my early 20’s, I left all my stuff behind, bought a bus ticket and left. It was awesome. But now that I’m settled into routine, it seems my life goes nowhere. Might be time to head out on some random bus again lol.

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@GialloBubble I think change sometimes is good… it is only when you feel you need to.

@Symbeline Yes, exactly how I feel now. I did that in my early 20s too,and now another time I feel my life is getting no where.

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