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Is there more to life than we can see with our natural eyes or know with our finite minds?

Asked by Hibernate (9050points) September 6th, 2011

If not then just reply no.
If you agree just explain how you see things.

Don’t look at this as a theist/religious question and please don’t make it a debate about God’s existence.

Thank you.

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I always like to think there are colours that we are not capable of seeing because of any biological restrictions. I mean if there are sounds that we can’t hear because they are not within our audible frequency range than it’s possible right?

I also think we are constantly feeling new emotions which we cannot imagine until we go throught them. So that’s something similar.

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When you get into the world of nanotechnology there’s a whole new world to see :-/

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@Scooby holy moley!! That’s not just writing on a single strand of hair.. no no, writing on a platlete of hair. Ridonculous man.

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I like to try to see things in different angles…

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If you maintain a finite mind then there will be a limit to what your life encompasses. With an open mind I firmly believe there is a much larger universe the awaits those who choose to explore.

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Of course! We only “see” what’s in the visible light spectrum. We need special instrumentation to see beyond red (to infrared) and violet (ultraviolet) and radios and other special equipment to sense lower or higher frequency electromagnetic wavelengths.

And we still have no idea where the “mind” really exists, or how, and we haven’t really come close to understanding how it works.

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There is the well honed factory that is a healthy, well functioning body, working away night and day, not to mention its brain, emotions, determination. There is the essence of love and who of us has seen the wind? There is the fascination of how seasons change and the wonder of how every critter is wired to have its own fighting chance in its environment.

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Yes there is, this place is known as the wife’s handbag!! God only knows what lurks neath those folds of leather. Let no man ever venture forth, for he shall be chastised & beaten to within an inch of hi…......i’m waffling again aren’t I?

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@smilingheart1 Well said. If you’ve ever been around during the birth or death of other animals, I think you can appreciate this question a liitle more. There’s something mystical out there.

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Absolutely there is more out there than we currently perceive. I think so simply because we haven’t even scratched the surface of figuring out the stuff we can see.

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According to one source, the electromagnetic spectrum (which includes visible light), makes up .005% of what is said to exist in the universe. The vast majority of which is dark matter and dark energy.

If you follow some of the more recent/contemporary quantum science-esque theorizing on the mind and the experience of God, then you might be led to think that behind our “finite mind” is a collective consciousness of some type that we also have access to. Frequently, I think this gets bottled up and sold as religion, but if you are tuned in correctly (or merely open to the experience) you can probably get a taste of it.

Or just read some Shakespeare. To wit, “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

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There’s physical things we can’t see or understand (light), but if you mean anything else, that’s up to the individual to believe in and have faith in since there’s no evidence for any of it.

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Is there more to life than a goat can see or know? Has a fly ever calculated pi?

There is much more to life than our minds can see, and because of this we are totally oblivious to it, we just cant grasp it, just like a cat cant grasp internal combustion.

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There’s plenty of things we can’t see that are very real. We can’t see gravity. We can’t see electricity. We can’t see the strong and weak nuclear forces that hold atoms together. But we know these things exist, both through theory that stands the test of time, and empirical evidence revealed by colliders.

But if you’re asking me if I believe in the supernatural. Telepathy may or may not exist, and there may be something to auras. But if these things exist, they must operate within the laws of science. I don’t believe in magic.

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Define unnatural eyes and infinite minds, please.

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Your imagination has limits. Or you think everyone has an unlimited imagination. They you never was surprised by what others invented.

Natural eyes are those you see with. Unnatural ones can be viewed as sixth sense or gut feelings.

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My mind can’t even handle the rate of its own stream of thoughts and sensations, so yes, way yes.

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Obviously there’s stuff we can’t see with our natural eyes: ultraviolent light, infrared light, the shape of distant galaxies, and most organisms that live on Earth, for starters.

About finite minds? I can speak for my own finite mind: there is plenty of advanced mathematics and physics that I will never even hope to understand, even if I tried hard for the rest of my life, because my brain is too stupid. I doubt there is a human alive or who has ever lived with the capability to grasp the entire universe of mathematical truth. Now if you put this question as “could we improve, through technology, our brains’ capacity to understand the universe such that we could understand it all?” I would answer “maybe.”

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Of course, everyone sees a different world and there are unseen worlds that no one ever sees.

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I believe nature has much more to offer than what we can simply see or understand.

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Maybe. But as it is now, at least for me, this plane of existence won’t allow much time to contemplate that in a serious manner. Too much rent to pay. When I die, it better be awesome.

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This is a hard question. I believe so. How I see things is that we should just live, and everyone has control of his or her own destiny. I believe in “self fulfilling prophet” as well as “resiliency.”

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Thanks for replies ^^

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Someone’s having a good time.

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@Jellie Yes, I am havving a “good time”
I try to everyday!

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You’re giving me a bit of inspiration ;-)

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Absolutely… You might be amazed if you knew.

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Yes. There is so much we cannot see/hear/feel/understand. Even those of us with special senses, those of us who experience things that most typical humans aren’t capable of experiencing, cannot comprehend everything that is our universe. If you’re interested in this kind of thing a good book series to read (manga style) is the Children of the Sea series. It’s fiction but it’s a spectacular series and it consists of this very topic.

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Shakespeare got it right: “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

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Yes, of course! I strongly believe it!

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