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Magic Bullet Blenders: To Buy or Not to Buy?

Asked by breanne (484points) May 5th, 2008

They seem like they can do it all in the infomercials. The ads claim I’ll use it everyday! Does anyone have any experience with these? It seems like it could potentially eliminate 4 items and free up some counter space in the tiny apartment I’ll be moving into, and I always wanted to make salsa right before making a bunch of margaritas and alfredo sauce.

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As a general rule, I wouldn’t buy anything people try so hard to sell.

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Hint: if it’s “NOT SOLD IN STORES!” it’s probably because no one wants to carry it…

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@shockvalue: Ah but it is sold in stores now! I saw it in Bed Bath & Beyond or Linens N Things the other day, which is good, since I didn’t want to pay the shipping if I did decide to buy it.

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Yep i have one; its really good. Im only 16 so i live with my parents and there obsessive about a tidy kitchen; the magic bullet allows me to make a smoothie in a cup then not have to clean a blender and another cup. AND it hasn’t broken yet (i’ve had it for over a year)

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I have a buddy who bought one and swears it is everything they say it is. I’m pretty sure he got emotional as he described his love of it. He really likes it.

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my brother and his wife got one for a wedding gift just last feb. but dont use it very often. Its nice for smoothies n stuff, but they don’t use it everyday, and its not as amazing as the infomercial makes it seem.

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I have one, its actually pretty good, somethimes though it kinda just blends stuff up and makes it really mushy, on rare occations. Just if you do buy it, make sure you’re getting the whole thing. When I got it, some of the cups, and the lids were missing. It took me another three weeks to get them back. I suggest getting one.

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I purchased mine @ Costco about 6 months ago. I love it. It works great and cleans up easily.

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They are great I got our at Walgreens. We use our often for chopping, mixing, & pure’. The best part is the east clean up compared to our blender.

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How much did you all pay for yours?
Which four items can it eliminate?
My best friend is obsessed with the damn thing. I don’t get it.

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