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Who's the new mansion DARLING?

Asked by SpatzieLover (24591points) August 24th, 2011

It’s dharling of course!

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Congrats on hitting 10K! party’s on!

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Congrats to Darling!!!!

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Dear DarlingRhadamanthus, it’s such a great achievement for you. Congratulations, darling. You are always helpful and ever thoughtful. Thank you for your contributions to the collective.

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Congrats Darling

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Congratulations to a wonderful jelly!

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Congratulations! A huge fan of your work, over here!

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Well Done!!!!!!!!!

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Congratulations!!!!! You really are a darling and I enjoy your contributions a whole lot.

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Welcome to the mansion.

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You always put a smile on my face because just seeing your name makes me think of Captain Darling :-) (not really always)
More importantly, your quips are always a good read.
So, congratulations Darling!

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Congrats, Darling! You come and go, here, glad to see you around more…

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Congrats, my antique lovin’ jelly friend!!!

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Oh my darling, oh my darling,
Oh my darling, Rhadamanthus!
Thou art finally in the mansion
Glad to have you, Rhadamanthus!

Félicitations, @DarlingRhadamanthus!

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You are a real SweetheartRhadamanthus, a genuine HoneyRhadamanthus, and a great unique @DarlingRhadamanthus! C O N G R A T S ! !

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Congrats! Party is on!

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You are a wise and kind and inquisitive member of this melting pot of humanity and I always enjoy your postings. :-)

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Congrats on the 10 Grand Darlin!

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Congrats, Darlin’! We’re glad you’re here. :)

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Oh, you! It’s you! Finally you!
Funny, kind, sweet with a touch of spice… my favorite obscure classical reference in a screen name… how shall our collective be judged if we failed to recognize your judgement? Welcome, our darling. Woot!!

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Way to go Darlin’!

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Congratulations dear.

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Many many many well wishes to you!!! A klink of the champagne glasses in toast for your sucess!!!

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Welcome! I’m no longer the new kid in the mansion!

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Congratulations dearest :-)

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Congratulations!!!! This whole mansion thing is pretty cool. Enjoy!

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Justice, indeed! Congratulations!

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Yeah!!! Hip Hip Horray!

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Congratulations, @DarlingRhadamanthus! You are a great addition to the collective. Love your user name. Love your harlequin ways and Greek mythological beginnings.

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Make way for the Wise King. Maybe if we slip Darling a few bucks the decision will be made in our favor.

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Congratulations! Make yourself at home!!

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Hey, congratulations!

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Congrats, we all knew you could do it, blahblahblah

im ready for my lurve now.

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@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~CONGRATULATIONS!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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You are the darlingest! Sincere congratulations—your posts are always articulate and insightful. I celebrate you!

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Congratulations girlfriend! You remind me so much of myself (because of your answers), but you are able to put things into much clearer, more concise verbiage. And I love love love the fact that you know about A Little Romance. Aaaaaaaaah.

Enjoy your stay at the mansion and ask for the special room service. With the special room service, dudes that look just like the young Beatles come up to your room to serenade you and feed you strawberries and chocolate and champagne. I figured that since I liked it, you would too ; – P

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Congo Rats! You are a wonderful contributer, and I am glad everyone recognizes it! WTFG!

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Darling…will you fetch me a beer?

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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Welcome to the mansion.

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Welcome. In case you didn’t know. I am the unofficial mansion pension collector. Just send $100,000 my way. Or a chocolate cake. Either one is fine. :D

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And a beer.

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Well done.

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All you needed was a lot of patience, good thoughts and words and an appreciative community. You did it! Wipe your feet before entering.

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Congratulations, enjoy the mansion! :-)

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I wish I was closer. I would fix your computers for you!

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@Dutchess_III There is something just wrong about seeing that little girl in your avatar asking for a beer! :p

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Congrats to one of the nicest jellies!

Darling, I think you were the first one here to laugh at any of my attempts at humor. :-p

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Congrats and thank you for your very intelligent additions to the collective. Welcome to the Mansion!

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Great job. Well done. I always look forward to reading your posts. Congrats.

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Fabulous to see you reaching this milestone @DarlingRhadamanthus. Absolutely well deserved.

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Congrats DarlingRhadamanthus!!! Save some champange for the rest of us!

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Congratumaltionitory @DarlingRhadamanthus !!

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You are always so helpful. Congrats Darling! =)

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Such a beautiful achievement Darling! You’ve made fluther even more beautiful!

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I am very happy for you. I always enjoy the depth of your words.

Another dream you can put a stake through

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Sorry I’m late!
Congratulations @Darling! Love you lots <3 <3 <3

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Thank you so very, very much….come to the English Garden Party….I’m throwing it for YOU with deepest gratitude!

Here is the table set with goodies….link

Help yourself to the little cakes from Laduree (which is French I know…but that’s because I love Paris!)

Oh, look, Blu brought his bike…how romantic! link

You can’t have a late summer party without Pimm’s link
And as @Dutchess_III put in her request twice…here is some Stella link

Oh, look who is here….oh, aren’t Jellies just gorgeous!
link link
link And of course there are always the more colourful Jellies
link link
Oh, look…! Guess who dropped in…did anyone know she was a Jelly, too? What a surprise! (And he kept asking where the hell the real Jellyfish were!) link

Thank you so very, very much….for all the help you have given me…in more ways than are even evident. I am just gobsmacked at all the messages above and it has truly, truly made my day! With hugs and kisses from across the pond….Raising my Pimm’s to you! Cheers! Darling Rhad

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@DarlingRhadamanthus raising my tumbler of frozen water wrapped in bourbon!


DarlingRhadamanthus's avatar

Ooops…......almost forgot! Veuve Clicquot…

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@DarlingRhadamanthus now that is my kind of party!

DarlingRhadamanthus's avatar

@wilma….Help yourself….to seconds! (Especially on the champagne!)

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@DarlingRhadamanthus close to my bike, but this is the one i brought to your gala event.

DarlingRhadamanthus's avatar

@blueiiznh…..I’m speechless. Perfect. Thank you.

That must have been someone else’s old bike…sorry about that

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I came because I was invited, yeah think what you wish, and because there was suppose to be a speakeasy in back of the gift wrapping room with bathtub Gin. Darling…you have such a nice place, and disquising the wine cellar to look like a sweing room to fool the G-men, superb.

DarlingRhadamanthus's avatar

@Hypocrisy_Central…..My dear, Pimms IS gin only prettified…and because it is England, it doesn’t have to be made in a bathtub…no Prohibition was ever fully enacted here…so you’re in luck! Grab a bottle or two, at this point, no need to be proper…take a swig…no one dancing on the tables…will even notice at this point…..


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@hawaii_jake…......I’ve made some amazing Chai tea…just for you! For being my favorite astrologer and fellow traveller on the path. Thanks so much for being the indomitable YOU!

Dutchess_III's avatar

Slinking away. All I wanted was a Natty Lite. Rarebear…GET ONE FOR ME! Geez…

@DarlingRhadamanthus That was just freaking awesome!!!!! Srsly!!!

DarlingRhadamanthus's avatar

@Dutchess_III…...In England….Stella is one of the best! Enjoy and take some home with you!

DarlingRhadamanthus's avatar

@hawaii_jake…..And how did I know that? Hmm…? we are all one mind but you know that already

Pull up a wicker chair and enjoy the sunshine and the Chai!

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@DarlingRhadamanthus, how very fine of you to give such an elegant and entertaining party in return. The English just know how to do things right, don’t they?

I was delighted to be invited. Thank you so much for having me. I enjoyed the excellent company and the lavish fare, and I especially enjoyed congratulating you.

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Congrats, Darling.

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What a lovely party, Darling!

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That was a pretty awesome party, @DarlingRhadamanthus , thanks for throwing it!
Pity that Maggie and Judy weren’t around, though :-) link

DarlingRhadamanthus's avatar

@Jeruba….You are most welcome! Thank you for coming!
@Blackberry…A party without you wouldn’t be a proper (or an improper) party would it? lol I thought parties only started…when you got there!
@augustlan…Thank you so much and thanks for coming!
@rebbel….They were there….you didn’t check under the tables apparently, a lot of the champagne went missing…..if you know what I mean….lol!

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Sharing tea with friends is one of my favorite ways to spend time. Thank you for the delightful time @DarlingRhadamanthus.

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Congratulations. Great party!

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So glad the party is still going. Last night was a wild night with all you brought, but after that peaceful night rest in a bunk and I am looking forward to more.

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An English Tea Party eh?
Can’t be an English tea party without me :P
Pass me the scones please…

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@blueiiznh NOW what did I miss???

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Congratulations! :)

blueiiznh's avatar

@Dutchess_III what did you miss?, incredible bliss!

DarlingRhadamanthus's avatar

@MilkyWay….Thanks so much for your congrats…..
@Dutchess_III shhhhhhhh I saved some more Stella for you check under the buffet table
@Blackberry….Well, there you go…you really did liven up the party of course!
@blueiiznh….Bunkbed bliss.
@lucillelucillelucille…..Oh…thank you so much!

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The damned best party hands down to none.

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Oh my Dharling! Oh my Dharling!
Oh my…! Dharling Rhadamanthus!
Yeah we love her, and we see her!
In the new land of 10k! YAY!

Congrats buddy! Can’t wait t’ill i make 10k.

Someone should make a half-way-there-10k mansion.

DarlingRhadamanthus's avatar

@blueiiznh and @blueberry_kid…....Two of my favorite blues! Thank you!

(Just saw this…today…so lurve is late…but still well-meant.)

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