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East Coast Jellies, here comes Irene! What are you doing to prepare?

Asked by JilltheTooth (19792points) August 25th, 2011

We can expect storm surge, massive amounts of rainfall, destructive winds and power outages. What do you do to get ready before the storm hits?

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Fleeing to my mom’s house. I don’t know if we’ll be any safer there though. I don’t know if West Virginia is safer than Maryland.

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I’m still freaked out by the quake, are you trying to send me off the deep end?

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Buck up, Folks, Armageddon is upon us!!!

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I just moved to Northern Virginia next to the Chesapeake Bay. This will be my first hurricane experience if it does get as close as they say it will. Suppose to hit us around Sat night, Sun morning. I kind of live uphill, so it shouldn’t flood my home.

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Okay, I’ll grow a pair. Propane stove, huge tub full of water, emergency radio that’s powered by a crank, 36 half liters of bottled water, a bottle of wine, and a hot chick. I’m ready.

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Nothing. I’m in denial and I refuse to believe a hurricane would have the nerve to ruin my son’s birthday party, which is at a nature center right on the beach. :( Dammit, I’m baking the cake and filling favor bags! Screw Irene!!

This poor kid’s birthday falls on Labor Day weekend every year. We have to work around the holiday, when everyone is out of town, the start of school, and the start of fall sports. Last year we didn’t have his party until mid-October. This year I purposely scheduled the party early, so OF COURSE there’s going to be a hurricane! Argh!!

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Buying groceries and alcohol.

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@Adirondackwannabe Good idea with the bathtub full of water, I never thought of that.

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@Blackberry I’m up on a hill with a well. No electric equals no water. With the tub full I can flush toilets, wash dishes, etc

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@Adirondackwannabe : I sometimes just use paper plates and stuff if it looks like we’ll lose potable water.

@MissAusten : Poor puppy! I wish you a miss on the storm, low tides and no rain! ;-)

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Nothing really. We’ve got food and weed. We’re good lol

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I also fill a bathtub for flushing and several stock pots for brushing and bathing.

I have a gas range, which has been a godsend.

Cans of tuna, salmon, organic soups
crank radio,
and a miner’s lamp.

One corded phone.

Wood and a wood-burning stove if the temp. drops.

The miner’s lamp gives me light and keeps my hands free.

I also open my electric garage door and make sure I have a full tank of gas.

We have frequent power outages here so we’re all good to go.

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Literally nothing.

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I’m in Florida and we have shutters and everything, but I don’t think it’s supposed to hit us so we haven’t done anything except keep the dogs in the house. So far we’ve been getting little storms, but nothing significant. Stay safe, everyone!

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I trim the wicks and wash the chimneys of the oil lamps, freeze a bunch of 2 liter plastic bottles filled with potable water, then store them in a cooler or two just before the storm hits. I transfer food from the fridge to the coolers so I won’t be opening the fridge. I do all the laundry and charge everything that needs it, I pull out my camp coffee maker, lay in some canned stuff, or just locate what I’ve laid in before contain all the fly-aroundable stuff, batten down my hatches and settle in to ride it out. I’ve never lost water here, although there have been times we weren’t sure it was potable, and I have a gas range. If I put a lot of time and effort into preparing, history has shown that the storm will veer away and I won’t even lose power. My neighbors like to remind me to be ready….

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I’m sitting at the library typing on this question not preparing at all. Oh boy we got some rain from the storm. Not a big deal. I haven’t heard one clap of thunder yet! The only thing that matters to me is that I’ve told my family that if something happens we meet at the school.

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@JilltheTooth has another very good idea;

Do the laundry and shower and shampoo in case you do lose power and thus water. Sitting in the dark trying to read by candle light whilst eating a can of tuna is easier if you feel clean.

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Same as all the other Hurricanes/Tropical Storms (already have enough supplies to last a few months) except now I have a very small generator to run my TV/DVD player.. yay

And a trip to the beach to view the waves.

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Y’all just promise to be careful, okay?

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I promise,Mom.

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Thanks darling. Now go play in the traffic!

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