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Have you ever heard of a Category 5 hurricane?

Asked by Stache (4486points) 2 weeks ago from iPhone

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Without doing any research, I think Camille from 50 years ago, and Gilbert in 1988, both had sustained wind speeds of over 170 MPH.

I think Katrina was a cat 5 before she hit NOLA.

Whoops- I almost forgot: Happy Big Five 0, Camille! You totally BLOW! ;-D

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I read an article last year, that stated they are considering adding a category 6. Some of the latest 5’s, have been more powerful than the scale can appreciate.

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I read today, that Dorian was the first cat 5, to make landfall, since (ironically) a Labor day storm in like 1931…

Yes. They count the Bahamas, as “landfall.”

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We’ve had a number of Cat 5 hurricanes since the 1920’s. The most recent before Dorian was Michael, last year. That was the one that plowed through the FL panhandle

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Global warming (regardless of what one thinks the source is,) is what is super charging these storms. The warmer water, makes them more powerful…

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Do you mean that have hit the US? Just off the top of my head Andrew, Katrina, Irma, Wilma. There are plenty more hurricanes that have hit cat 5.

Dorian was only moving forward 5 mph as it moved over the Bahamas. 5MPH! I’ve never seen such a slow moving storm in the Atlantic. Not that I remember. It’s awful.

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There have been four Cat 5 storms that have threatened the US since Trump took office. I guess he doesn’t watch the Weather channel.

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@JLeslie I saw this morning that Dorian is only moving at 1 mph over the Bahamas. Last year, Hurricane Florence was moving at 2.5 mph as it sat over Wilmington NC. Basically, you could out walk it.

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I’ve heard of them, yes. Never experienced one. We don’t get hurricanes on the West Coast.

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Katrina was a Cat 5

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The reason I asked this is because Trump has stated he’s never heard of a Category 5 hurricane. He’s said this a few times over the past few years.

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I visited Kauai Hawaii after Iniki , which was a Cat 4. I remember something like 80% of the housing units had reported damage. That was 1992 and some buildings have never been repaired to this day.

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@Stache According to Wiki there have been 3 cat 5’s that hit Florida since 2000. You’d think that with Mar a Lago being in Florida that he would have noticed. I didn’t look back in the 1900’s but I’m pretty sure there were more.

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@seawulf575 I didn’t remember that. I’m going to look it up. Was it a cat 5 while it hovered?

@Stache I saw Trump asking FEMA about the likelihood it hits FL, and all I could think was he was worried about Mar-a-Lago.

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@JLeslie no, Florence was not a Cat 5 hurricane. But just having it sit over us, pouring down rain and causing flooding was enough. Most of the damage was from the flooding, not from the winds.

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A man with resorts and real estate distributed all over hurricane country announces to the world that he never heard of a category 5 hurricane. Now we all know that it would be ridiculous to assert that a man could arrive at his mid 70s unfamiliar with the reference, so what gives?

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He’s just disconnected from reality. He surely has property management companies, that just give him the basic facts on repairs.

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There has never been a Cat 5. Trump says so.
Anyone who disagrees is committing insurrection.

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Set Meyers, showed over half a dozen videos, of Trump talking about cat 5s, before his most recent comment, about never having knowledge of their existence. Maybe he’s just getting alzheimers…

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