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In webforms, how often do you see the absence of "CC me" or "Here is your message, and your comments have been submitted"?

Asked by flo (10479points) August 25th, 2011

I am referring to acknowledgement of reciept of the content of the message. When you have to use a webform in a website, to send the site an email, (some of them don’t have an address that allows you to send it from your email account) how often to you see a box for “copy to me” “CC me”? Or, when you click send, how often do you get just “thank you for your message”, and how often do you get Here is the copy of your message, and thank you”

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I cant think of a single time that i’ve gotten a copy of my message sent to me except for perhaps once i receive a reply.

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I have often seen the “your message has been sent” but I don’t trust it because having done some Web development I know that it’s much easier to print that message after the server has received the request than to actually check that it’s been acted upon.
I have never seen a website offer to send me a copy of mail sent from a form. It’s not a bad idea IMO.

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I am surprised that not all sites have them.

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