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Which browsers don't support webforms?

Asked by flo (13313points) June 6th, 2013

Over a webfrom the message says:
“If your browser can’t support webforms send us your email to “info@....”
I was asked the question. I have never come across a webform with that message.

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What browser are you using?

I don’t know what a “webform” is. All modern browsers support the HTML Form element. Forms are pretty important. If a “browser” doesn’t support them then it has earned those scare quotes.
The site in question is probably doing some dumb / broken browser-sniffing behavior, whether to detect scripting support or for some other goofy reason.

What site was it?

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It sounds like a really old website or something. The message does not really make sense, there is no such thing called “webform” – there are just websites with forms on them, which are supported by every browser since always. You’d need to provide a link to the site to allow us to be able to understand it.

If you do know if it is something special with a special name, you could enter it at to see which browsers do and do not support it.

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@rexacoracofalipitorius I haven’t been on the site myself, I got it from a reliable source. I’ll find out which site it is.

@Vincentt what do you mean by “something special with a special name,”

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As in: webforms is not the name of some special feature which some browsers might not support. There are plain old regular forms, which every browser supports, but they are not specifically called “webforms” (and thus can’t be found on

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Re. the word “webform”. how do you distnguish vocabulary-wise, the website version of a form, from the paper version of the form?

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Context, I suppose, in the rare cases that it matters :P It’s not that it was wrong of you to use it (I understand why you did), it’s just that I was thrown off by it since it sounded like a webby term :)

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@Vincentt Maybe he means “A form is a form whether it is on the web or on paper.” That is what popped in my head after my last post.

By the way, I got the word from the term “webform designers”. I was wondering why they don’t have “cc me” box in the forms in “contact us” pages.

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A form on an HTML document is an interactive widget that sends data somewhere, usually to a database. A paper form is a piece of paper.

I didn’t know what you meant by “webform” other than the HTML form element. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t have some canonical meaning which I’ve yet to discover, though.

Forms are part of the base HTML spec and have been since at least 1994 (per RFC 1866.) Any browser that doesn’t support forms is severely broken. Of course, that doesn’t mean that the designers of that page are aware of this. If they had used the word “client” instead of “browser” it would have made more sense (there are people out there that download web pages via wget and look at them in email clients- don’t ask me why, but it’s true).

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Thank you @rexacoracofalipitorius as much as I don’t understand it.

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How do I get back the size of the dialog box that went small on me? I clicked on something by accident and it went small. It was a little bigger than this box here, and it became 2 lines worth small.
I just posted an OP about it.

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