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Is it worth getting a crown on my dead tooth?

Asked by chelle21689 (6898points) August 26th, 2011

About 6 years ago I had a root canal done to my tooth. I think it’s called the lateral incisor (the tooth next to the two front teeth). Over the years I noticed it has started to darken and be weaker.

I went to the dentist the other day and they said to put a cap on it. They would have to literally shave my tooth and make it smaller and really skinny.

I’m really worried about them altering my tooth. They said that my cap will look real and that it should last 10 years and shouldn’t come off unless I got hit with a bat really hard lol. Only 5% of people had issues with their cap and my mom was one of them a few days ago :(.

I am worried I’ll look stupid with this cap and it won’t look real and I’m afraid that someone will see my skinny tooth. I don’t want to ever see that or have anyone see it.

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It will look fine if you have a good crown. I have a couple and they look normal. I would do it. You may want to consider having your teeth whitened before they make the crown as it will be easier to match the color of whitened teeth.

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My sister had a root canal done on one of her molars. She didn’t get a cap on the tooth and finally the tooth cracked. It became infected (around the bone) and now she has to have it removed. It’s a back molar and she doesn’t call all that much (cosmetically-speaking). But, a front tooth? Yeah, I would get a crown put on.

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My tooth got smashed in half playing football. Killed the nerves. So, basically the dentist put a crown on a dead tooth. It started to become dark, so I had it bleached around 2 years ago, and the new cap put back on. Looks good as new….ish.

The lesson…...Don’t play sports

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I have three crowns, done about 15 years ago. They’re fine. The one that shows is porcelain, and it looks natural.

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I just got my first crown a year or so ago. It still hurts a bit. Not quite sure why, but I don’t chew over there much.

They use ceramic caps these days that are very strong and look like your tooth. A gold crown is even stronger, but it looks like a gold crown, which a lot of people don’t like. I had a gold crown put on, but it’s a molar in back of my mouth that no one can see.

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I have a crown on my molar. It looks very natural and feels natural in it’s use. It was around 6 years ago and I haven’t had any problems with it so far. I don’t have an experience with a front crown which would show all the time and would be used for biting as opposed to chewing but I imagine they are as effective as any other crown. If you do decide to get one, go to good dentist. Don’t compromise on the quality based on how much he would charge you.

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If you don’t, you will loose the tooth all together. They should have done one shortly after your root canal. Hopefully, it hasn’t deteriorated to much that it can’t be saved. This is to important to your smile to postpone.

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My husband’s one and only crown has fallen off 3 times this year. When you get the crown, make certain you ask how long it will be under warranty. His has a 1yr. Some of them have a 2yr.

My mom has had a couple of crowns last several years, but one kept falling off. She finally has just gone without it.

If you don’t choose the crown, you will lose the tooth. At some point, you’d most likely want a partial.

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I must have really good dentists. I had one really bad one who made a crown that fell off, but I have since had it replaced. My crowns look BETTER than my natural teeth.

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They all look natural. Apparently some teeth are more difficult to crown. All were done immediately after the teeth were damaged, too

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Note front teeth in avatar. Can you guess which are crowns?

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Got a root canal over 10 years ago… still no crown on that tooth and it’s not dark. Dunno why, but it seems fine (although I’m sure this post will jinx it).

I also have a gold crown on a way-in-the-back molar. And it’s frickin’ awesome. From a materials perspective, gold is the closest thing we have that responds to pressures similar to a natural tooth.

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I’ve got a few crowns and I can recommend them. They look and feel like my own teeth but they lack the strength of natural teeth. In practise this means be careful when eating apples, but I have had no problems whatever.

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Yes, get the crown. As most have said, when the tooth gets weak, it’s susceptible to breaking. And that’s no fun. I have a crown on a front tooth and I like it better than my real teeth!

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