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How to whiten my teeth?

Asked by hungerforpizza (247points) August 20th, 2010

What method do you guys recommend to whiten my teeth? Yes, I brush and floss. I’ve heard of whitening strips. And recommendations?

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Crest White Strips. They work well, and if your teeth get sensitive you can do it just every other day or stop for a few weeks, and do it again. Give you a lot of flexibility.

Don’t do that mega brightening one day with a purple light pay a lot of money thing. My teeth were never the same.

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What do you mean they were never the same?

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They are permanently sensitive, never were before. Well, I don’t have any sensitivity as long as I don’t use whitening toothpaste. My teeth are also sort of see through near the end of the tooth, instead of being dense white. I do use crest strips still about once a year for about 3 days to keep them white enough.

My husband had no trouble with the mega brightening thingy. Most people don’t, but it is not worth the risk. The Crest strips work just fine.

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I agree with the sunflower pic person; my teeth got a lot better after using them. However, they used to cost about $30 and would only take 5 minutes at a time. Now if you want the 5 minute ones you have to pay close to $60 after tax. I just did the 30 minute ones for about $33 and they worked pretty well.

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Yeah i’ve been leading toward the whitening strips, those lights seem kinda weird.

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I had the trays made at the dentist, which is a plastic mold of your teeth, and buy the bleach from the dentist. I was fortunate that my best friend is a dental hygenist and got the trays made for practically nothing as I think they cost 200 to 300 dollars. I did this 10 years ago and still have them, but if you take care of them, they will last forever. I only buy the bleach at around 30 dollars once every 2 years.

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My friends used the white strips as well with fantastic results. Those aren’t really an option for me because half my teeth are fake. I do use Listerine Whitening mouthwash and whitening toothpaste. Bleaching at the dentist gives you the best results, but it’s costly. (I’ve had it done a couple times to get my natural teeth to match my crowns and bridge.)

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Crest white strips work so well that the one time I used them, I didn’t finish the process b/c my friend Sjanna made a comment one night after a bunch of us went out to the movies.

We were all in the dark parking lot and I smiled and she screamed, “HOLY SHIT your teeth are so white they’re almost glowing.” She said it was complementary, but I stopped.

Tip: You can get them cheap at Sam’s club. It’s like a 2-pack for $40—$50 bucks. You get a friend to split the deal with you and you’re golden.

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I’m about to try a Rembrandt 2-Hour Whitening Kit that got great reviews in Real Simple Magazine. It only costs $20 and is supposed to significantly whiten your teeth with one use. It will theoretically last a long time if you keep up with whitening toothpaste, etc. If it does what it says it will, it is a great steal. I intend to use it sometime this weekend, so I’ll be sure to update with the results.

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Haha @mrrich724

And @Fly Those mouth guard things scare me a little xD

I bet i’ll go for the crest white strips. Now I need to decide which “version,” theres like 4.

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I tried the 2-hour whitening product and it worked pretty well. My teeth are visibly whiter with two hours of treatment. I didn’t experience sensitivity with my teeth, but it did hurt my gums and inner lips a bit. My only real complaint is that I had some kind of reaction to the gel and now my top lip is a bit swollen and sore.

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Mix a little baking soda and water into a paste and brush well. You can do this three times a week, and in two weeks will see a difference. I only know this as I just watched the video on YouTube.

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