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What do you think of skinny jeans?

Asked by AshlynM (9457points) August 26th, 2011

Looking for opinions.

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I hate them, it feels like they’re cutting off the circulation in my legs.

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The pants of choice for pretentious, wannabe artsy douchebags everywhere.

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I don’t like them at all. They haven’t fit me since the 1970s.

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I think they look like they come with a hole to stick a vaccume tube. Then and only then can you fit in them.

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I think they keep the pockets from being remotely practical, and I like pockets. Therefore, I would never wear skinny jeans.

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If I would wear them I would look like a stick figure…...
No, don’t like them.

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They look awful, but that’s just my opinion.

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I think they can look pretty good on girls, but I find them totally unattractive on guys. I don’t mind guys wearing slim jeans (I do), but those skin-tight form-fitting emo jeans on guys…that’s nasty.

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No big deal unless they’re worn with an extreme sag to the butt- looks like someone wearing a grocery bag over their legs.

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Shinny jeans are way kewl! I love how they reflect your personality as well as the colors that surround you.

Oh wait!, you said Skinny Jeans…......Never mind!

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Love them on women. Do not love them on guys.

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Too skinny.

I agree with @DominicX that slim jeans can look good, if the person can carry it off, but the skinny jeans, even on girls, I am not a big fan.

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I like them, and I think pretty much everyone looks good in them so long as they get a pair that fits well. Of course if you get skinny jeans that are way too tight on you, they’re not going to be comfortable and you’re probably not going to be able to use the pockets. If you get a pair that fit, you’ll likely not have a problem.

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I find it an odd fashion to be in at a time when more people than ever are overweight. I mean, I’m not a huge fan of the look anyway, but it does seem strange that we wouldn’t be going more towards cargo pants and peasant blouses (aka things that hide your muffin top and chunky thighs).

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Skinny jeans should only be worn by skinny people. I saw a woman one night, that had on her daughters skinny jeans. She was a big oversize and her daughters jeans were a size 8. Needless to say her buttocks was exposed and she was asked to leave the function we were attending. Why did she do this? Who knows. It was gross!

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It hurts my junk. Seriously.

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They are great tie-downs when I trailer stuff behind my SUV….way better than bungee cords.


They remind of the 1980s, when guys used to “gel” their hair into spikes, when women wore big shoulder pads, and when acid-washed skinny jeans were in style. I remember I had a pair of grey acid-washed skinny jeans and a jean jacket to match——the jean jacket was lined with red and green plaid (!) fabric on the inside. These days, I see some of the skateboarding kids who wear them. I think they look appropriate only on teenagers.

I could barely sit in them, let alone crouch or bend over without ripping them at the crotch or bum. I don’t mind jeans that are a bit snug-fitting and show off my legs, but I don’t like skinny jeans.

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Good on chicks, stupid on guys.


@Only138 On slim shapely chicks that is! lol

You’re right——on guys, it makes them look effeminate.

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@MRSHINYSHOES Yep, you got that right! :)

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Maybe I’m in the minority here, but I think they can be really cute on the right person. It’s so sexy when cute indie chicks wear skinny jeans with chuck taylors.

But actually wearing them, on me? Fuck no! So uncomfortable.

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@Haleth most folks on here seem to think they are fine on girls, but not on dudes.

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Depends on who is wearing them. If your tummy hangs over the waistline, don’t wear them. If they feel too tight, don’t wear them. If they are uncomfortable, don’t wear them. I think they are fine for skinny kids of any age.

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I love them! I just ordered a purple pair – I am a victim of the 80’s not a pretentious, douchey art wannabe. I’m just an asshole that likes outrageous things. They should not be worn by most people in the Midwest in my opinion.

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They’re totally fine on girls if they’re aware of they reason they’re called skinny jeans, but on guys, it depends. My experience with guy’s skinny jeans is that they’re usually not form fitting until you go a level more extreme with skinniest, which is just weird. However, I do own a pair of them and wear them on occasion when I want to go for the effeminate look.

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I can’t understand why anyone would wear them. But women always wear stuff that makes them uncomfortable, it is what society expects. I am skinny enough that I wouldn’t look hideous in them but I dress for comfort so you won’t find any in my closet. And as was said above, I like pockets so I love Cargo pants. has some really nice ones.

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Not my style, but to each his own.

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It’s the only style of jean I wear. I don’t understand why people say certain clothes are uncomfortable. If you buy your size, your clothes will fit you.

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@Facade Because sometimes sizes run small, or even in your size are small in certain areas, or are made of a scratchy fabric, or have seems that stick out and irritate… It’s great if your clothes don’t hurt you, but for a lot of people, it’s not just a simple matter of finding your size.

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As a girl, I love to wear them. But I’m knowledgeable enough to buy ones that actually fit and are made of stretch fabric for comfort. Plus I always try to go for the high waisted style so you can’t see my ass when I sit.

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She needs way more protein in her diet, come on Jean, you’re wasting away girl!

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It’s all a marketing thing. I mean really, who would buy something that doesn’t fit?
Does it make you think you are skinny because you wear them.
Seriously people!

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I like em a lot. I look short and stocky in any other kinds of jeans. The problem is, not all size 10 skinny jeans will look good on a size 10 girl. You have to look for one that fits like a glove and makes you feel good. You gotta consider length, waist, hip, etc. I have no need for pockets since I never use them anyway, skinny jeans or not.

Hmm I like my men masculine and rough so don’t think skinny jeans on guys is a very good look.

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I think skinny jeans look good on skinny girls with no ass; strangely, they also look good on girls with great big asses. It does different things for different people. Also, I am a pretentious douchey art person and I have two pairs of skinny jeans. Middle finger to the establishment, etc etc.

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I believe any jean that doesn’t fit correctly is going to look bad. However, the term ‘skinny jean’ to me does not mean Ill fitting or uncomfortable. I have numerous pairs of J Brand skinny denims (love how IPhone wants to make that ‘demon’) that are among my most comfortable. Japanese twill is like heaven against your skin and really? Pretty much any pant that doesn’t fit correctly is going to be uncomfortable. Skinny does not mean stuffed sausage tight it is referring to the style. Fit is key.

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I own one pair, because they looked good with my Raver Boots… They’re uncomfortable, and without boots over them they look stupid…

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