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Does this dress make me look fat?

Asked by blueberry_kid (5952points) August 26th, 2011

You know when a women asks a man “does this make me look fat?” ... what is it that “makes you look fat”? For me, pencil skirts. <shudder> I look like a walrus.

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I thought there was gonna be pics..Not cool.

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Boxy or baggy sweaters. Something about a sweater, if it doesn’t lay close to the skin, it makes me look ridiculously chunky.

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Pullover sweaters. I’m pretty flat chested and my waist is only a little bit smaller than my hips. I’m kind of shaped like a boy, so if I put on a sweater, it looks like my chest, waist and hips are just one big entity with no definition, even though I’m not a big girl.

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No….but the triple cheeseburger in your mitts does. Super-size it for greater effect!

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@blueberry_kid sorry, I am just going to have to ask an immediate spin off question…

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Any person who feels the need to even ask that already knows the answer. It’s the same thing as saying “I’m going to put you on the spot right now”.

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Details, folks.

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Probably everything, since I’m a tad overweight to begin with. Well, more than a tad, actually. I don’t sweat it too much, though.

Recently I tried on a top that I thought would really suit my well-endowed chest. It was one of those cross-over shirts, and I’d been wanting one forever. It looked horrible! Not that it made me look fat, exactly, more like a misshapen lump of clay. Not a good look for me.

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Women generally won’t ask if they look “fat”, more like if their bums look big or if it hangs rght around the hips. No different from a man asking if his suit “sits well.” It’s just chitter chatter between couples whose opinion is welcomed/trusted.

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Anything that is tight against my legs. I have wide hips, so when something is snug going down along my legs, they look really wide and it make me look fat (in my opinion).

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I am an average built but have disproportionately big boobs so any top or shirt that is not a V neck makes me look huge. Not just my boobs but gives the illusion of me being huge all over!! It’s so odd. I love turtle neck sweaters and think they look very pretty but I can’t wear them for this very reason.

I also look bad in baggy jeans. I’m slightly hippy so it makes me look GIANT if the jeans are not hugging the rest of my leg.

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