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When you are going to a special event, for example when you're a guest at a wedding, how much thought and effort do you put into what you're going to wear?

Asked by jca (36046points) April 30th, 2017

When you are attending a special event, do you put a lot of thought and effort into what you’re going to wear?

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Not so much. I dress appropriately, in clean, suitable grown-up-lady clothes, but that’s about it. I’m old enough now to not worry so much.

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Absolutely. I want to look the best and dress to impress, hence the long time taken to prepare myself for the event. It’s always nice to look good and when people compliment you you said “Oh it’s nothing, really” tee hee

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Usually not too much. I have one suit, and a couple ensembles to match the formality/casualness and weather for a wedding.
Last year we went to a wedding held outside at a ranch. A suit would be too much. I wore Dockers, a colored shirt and tie, and a leather jacket. Worked out fine.

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Compared to how I look everyday, I guess it would be a lot. Well, not so much thought, I only have a couple of nice outfits. But I generally do up my hair and actually wear make-up. So that’s a big difference, when it comes to effort.

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Not a whole lot, I might pick my outfit ahead of time but it’s not a big stress. Maybe buy some new earrings or other modest accessories but that’s about it.

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It depends. But more often I don’t care too much for my appearance. I only need some nice clothes and foot wear and that’s it. After all no one will care if I’m beautiful at the end of the day.

I only put on makeup and try to make myself look nice in very special occasions like a wedding, or when I will be the center of the ceremony/party.

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I usually think about returning home. Couldn’t care less about clothes; as long as I’m not in pajamas, my old clothes, or naked, it’s fine.

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Depends on the venue. If it’s a beach wedding, it’s a no brainer. I wear shorts and a casual, collared shirt. And my good flip flops. If it is a cathedral wedding with a reception afterwards, it becomes a rare chance for me to dress formally to nines in a dark suit, tie, and Florsheims. If it’s a small wedding in a home or small church, I do business casual. Funerals are different. I always dress formally for a funeral.

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@Espiritus_Corvus It’s nice to see someone else who dresses up for a funeral. That seems rare these days. I always wear something nice to a wake and a dress to the funeral. But many people don’t anymore. However I certainly don’t dress formally. No gowns here :p

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I may not look that great any where. But I at least like to do the best I can.

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I tell them, that I am too busy with work.

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I can’t remember.

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I basically have a selection of costumes I choose from based on venue and occasion.

If I had to go to something actually fancy – anything cocktail attire or better – I’d have to go shopping.

Fortunately, I don’t really hang around people who throw expensive shindigs.

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I generally look ahead a week and make sure I choose something appropriate for the season and the location and time of day. And then I make sure it is clean or will be ready the day before.

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I don’t envy women one bit. The average man will snatch the first suit his fingers touch when his hand enters the closet. These are the men whose wives tell them what to wear and half of them are probably dressed by their wives who buy the clueless men their clothes in the first place.

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Not much

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I’m a slob. If I don’t have a female friend around to assist me (i.e., you’re not wearing that) I’m liable to step out in my BVD’s. Thank heaven for females.

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@stanleybmanly That’s me you just described, see below.

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