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What is your 'visibility index'?

Asked by flutherother (31755points) September 28th, 2011

It is just a term I made up for this question. It means how noticed are you when you are in public. If you turn heads for whatever reason as you walk down the street and everyone notices you you would score that as a 10. If you feel invisible because no one pays you any attention that would rate a 0. How would you score yourself and do you dress to be noticed or to be unseen?

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I can be a 10 or a 0, it depends on my mood which relflects how I dress and how much attention I draw. Recently I’ve been towards the bottom of the index as I desire none.

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I’m an 8. Why? That’s just the number that comes to mind.

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I’m tall, bearded, wearing a hat, and I whistle tunes while riding my ladies bicycle.
A seven and a half.
I’m tall, bearded, wearing a hat, and when I am walking hand-in-hand with my girlfriend I, funnily enough attract more glances from females.
An eight.

Edit: @DominicX’ answer reminded me of the fact that I also have hair, long hair.

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I don’t think I stand out all that much; I don’t have hair or clothing styles that stand out so much and I don’t do anything actively to get attention. I’m not that tall, not that short, not fat, not that muscular, not scrawny, so nothing about that should stand out. I do try and wear what I think is “cool”; sometimes that can mean brighter colors; I’d imagine those receive just a little bit more attention than more neutral clothing. Part of me likes to think my attractiveness draws certain people’s attention… ;P And I certainly don’t want to be or feel invisible.


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I tend to smile at people and that gets a response. A seven?

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I am bland. I don’t wear clothes with logos.

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@johnpowell Yeah – but that’s a helluva hat you’re wearing!

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I live in Trenton, NJ, so I tend to stick out from the crowd.

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Depends on how loud I am being. *I can be LOUD!

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I don’t really notice if I’m being noticed, so I don’t really know. There was a couple of times when I think I’ve turned some heads.

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My attitude controls my visibility factor. I can become a 2 when I want to and soar to a 10 when the occasion warrants. I generally coast at a 7.

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I am a member of the invisible club. That is women over 50. I remember that I once spoke to a young man at a gas station and he looked as surprised as if the pump had spoken to him.

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Me on my way to work- 5
Me out with my guy- 7
Me out with my girls- 9

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@marinelife young men often appear startled when any woman talks to them. Now if an inteligent, atractive and confident woman such as yourself starts making conversation then they’re probably going to have some sort of complex partial siezure or something.

Me? I’m a 10. but, very modest about it, you know

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Invisible to girls, but many middle aged people try to give me their spare change.

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Generally a 2. If I happen to be smiling, I might be a 3. I’ve said it before, I would be an excellent spy because I blend in so well.

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I’m a 36DD with lots of tattoos and a nice ass. Why do you think I get noticed?

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Your great personality?

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@Blackberry Yep. Must be my ‘Do you want to get punched in your dick-face?’ lines that follow their glances kind of personality.

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It varies from noticed, hit-on, stalked, to get out of the way I need coffee!.

On a scale of 0 to 10 I will have to say, where’s my coffee!!!

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@Blackberry Don’t worry, you’ll be safe :)

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When you look like this, people mostly just look away. I guess that’s still turning some heads, though. Maybe a six.


When I’m fully dressed and walking down the street, about a 7.

When I’m in my Speedos and at a public pool, about a 9 and a half.


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Most days I’m probably a 5. I’m friendly and smile, so that attracts some attention, but I dress very plainly and wear no makeup most of the time.

When I was younger, I was probably like a 10. I was an attractive girl, had long red hair, and big boobs. Hellooooo world!

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Since I’m really not at all that ‘visually stunning’, I rely on my own brand of humor which is…well, hold now..that’s not all that stunning either. Yep. Hmm. I suppose invisible can’t be all that bad can it?

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@Mantralantis To me, you’re okay on the humor department.

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*Getting worse by the nano second.

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@rebbel – Thanks, Reb! NOW I know that my fluthering answers are not…invisible. Which is always a good sign when your a new member anywhere. Yeps.

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