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Have you ever become truly excited about a local band?

Asked by syz (35506points) August 27th, 2011

I haven’t been very active in the music scene since breaking up with my musician boyfriend about 10 years ago, but tonight may have changed that. I attended a fundraiser concert and I am psyched about a local band that I saw perform by the name of Lila.

Have you ever fallen in love with a local band? Did you become an active supporter? What did you do to get the word out?

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I don’t get that excited about local music, but I love The Aposematics from Peoria, Illinois.

I like to mention them here on questions about music and on Facebook whenever I get a chance.

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Not locally because my local music scene is infested with cookie cutter scenecore, metalcore, and pop-punk acts that almost universally suck.

There are very small indie bands in other cities that I have loved and supported, though. The one that first comes to mind was called Moth!Fight! They were from Austin, Texas and they were absolutely awesome. I bought a ton of their merchandise from them and told all of my friends about them. Sadly, they broke up a few years ago and basically vanished off the face of the earth. They are still one of my favorite bands.

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Yes, when my son was in a ska band in high school. They even played at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park a few times!

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Hell yes! Living in Chicago area I have been fortunate to see the likes of Dave Uhrich, Griff Band, Koko Taylor, Dick Holiday and the Bamboo gang and the Rugburners to name a few.

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Not that I ever was, but a lot of people here were really excited about Korn before they went big.

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My brother was recording some songs for his album this week. I’m pretty psyched.

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My brother is pretty dang good. :)

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Owl CIty!

My daughter’s favorite song by Owl City Fireflies

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Definitely. I had a father, uncle, and grandfather in the local music scene, and I was in a band myself for a while. Local music was very much my focus for many years. I used to wear t-shirts for my father’s bands, helped sell albums, and I would bring people along to shows on the weekends from time to time.

Outside of the family, I remember following the Goo Goo Dolls as they became progressively more well-known. They didn’t really need any help from me, though. I was also a fan of Merit early on. Lacking direct access to anyone in the band, I mostly supported them through word of mouth, radio requests, and voting for them in a battle of the bands.

There’s not much of a music scene at all where I live now, so I haven’t gotten excited about a local act for quite some time. I have introduced some of my friends to my father’s music, however.

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I was excited about a local band in the first half of 1967.
The excitement went nationwide when they released Light My Fire in April (IIRC) of that year.

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