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What interest do you not have time for?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30606points) August 28th, 2011

What are you really interested in that you don’t have time to pursue at present? Maybe it’s learning to play the harmonica or taking up yoga.

I’m putting off starting an exercise regimen.

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Saving the world.

I rarely have time for it anymore

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Traveling the world. There’s just not enough hours in the day…....

I would like to start playing video games again, but it’s too time consuming, plus I can’t control my moderation.

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@thebluewaffle : Try taking over the world instead.

@Blackberry : I love to travel.

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Anything to do with the Kardashians, or similar celebrities. I only vaguely know who most of these people are, and I truly wish I didn’t know that much.

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@incendiary_dan : But you knew how to spell their name right! Ha!...I think.

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Baking and my guitar. I hardly make time for both.
I feel guilty now..

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For my more serious answer, that is something I want to know about, hunting. I’ve learned to hunt, and I’m interested in hunting, but I don’t usually have time during hunting seasons to go out and actually do it, so I never get any practice. Not surprisingly, I’m not that good at hunting yet.

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I’ve had a lot of art classes, but never one in watercolor. I was kind of saving that for my retirement. Well, I’m there, but I still can’t find the time. There’s still hope! I’m not dead yet.

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@Ayesha : You could bake me a pie.

@incendiary_dan : My dad’s a hunter. He loves it, and I went with him to hunt deer or elk every fall. It was grand, until the time came to haul the meat down the mountain.

@Sunny2 : Try buying one of those children’s painting books where all you do is apply water with a brush and color appears. :-)

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Sailing well enough I can take a boat out on the open ocean instead of a lake.

Master gemstone setting.

Making patters to sew my own clothes.

Learning to carry a tune well enough to complete a song for my wedding.

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If one was REALLY interested in something it would move up sharply on the priority list.

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Learning and instrument, updating my blog, getting that doctor’s appointment. Basically anything that’s actually important in life :(


I’d love to go hiking in the Rocky Mountains. I just came back from a business trip in the Rockies—- at a tourist town, for only 4 short days. Because it was mostly a work-related trip, I didn’t get a chance to hike the beautiful mountains there and explore more of the wild things. I did do a bit of shopping and canoeing with an acquaintance, but that was it. I love the wild outdoors, but I never seem to have the time for it. Even when I do go out to the Rockies, it has something to do with work! Sigh….

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Music and photography mostly. Try writing a #1 hit single w/ 3 kids ravaging the house.

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Reading, i’d love to leaf through a good long yarn but i’ve the attention span of an easily distracted moose!!

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Quantum physics and juggling!

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Writing, other than work/research related writing (and even that is hard to get to). Art – specifically drawing. Photography – actually having time to get out there and take photos.

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I would love to learn how to sew. We are a three-sewing-machine household and only one of the two of us know how to use them. I would make quilts. But there’s so much to do, especially with school starting again, that there’s just no way.

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Reading. I haven’t had time to read in a long, long time.

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I have about 600 emails from AlterNet that I’d like to read when I get a chance, including

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Debating about rhetoric. Both extremes have undocumented view points. I rarely agree with extremes.
I see No point in arguing with narrow mined people who become irrational when documentaion opposing their hype is presented. They are not worthwhile because they are not living life according to reality.
My response is contact me again only if you decide to join the rest of us in reality. Here on Earth.

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I like drawing a lot, and did it lots before, but I don’t seem to have much time to draw as much now. That isn’t entirely true, as I could easily make time, but I don’t. I kinda wonder why, since it’s something I enjoyed doing a lot, and can’t say I don’t anymore.

As far as pretty much everything else goes…guitar lessons or martial art courses, I’m either too out of shape or poor for such interests to be accessible to me.

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Music. I have several instruments that I’d really like to learn to play, but I don’t have time to practice enough to actually learn to play them.

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Synthetic Hysteria

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@lucillelucillelucille : But you have time for natural hysteria?

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@hawaii jake In a non-participatory sort of way…yes ;)

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I love to draw. I have a BFA in Illustration. I started out as an illustrator. Now, I make a living as a graphic designer and draw some, but I’m mostly on my computer.

I wish I had not only the free time, but the concentration to draw for hours like I used to.

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Glass blowing. Pottery. Wood working.

Fortunately I have had time to learn the harmonica. The odd thing is that while I really enjoy it, and other people seem to enjoy what I play, I really don’t like what I play. I’d offer to upload a sample to my documents, but it is truly, truly bad, and even though I generally don’t care what people think of my morals, I do care what people think of my music, so it’s not going to be happening any time soon.

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Carving things out of wood.

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Actually you said it, learning to play the harmonica… I guess I’ll throw guitar in the mix as well.

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Both of your examples, actually.

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History. I would love to take an evening class but it’s very rare that I have a free evening :(

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Study online @Leanne. There are so many online options these days.

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@Bellatrix Funnily enough I have already started looking into that but I muxt admit, I love the idea of physically sitting in a class room again.

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I miss the enjoyment. I’m doing to much all the time that I very rarely get to slow down and just enjoy one thing.

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As of tomorrow, I won’t have much time for me. The teaching season begins…

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funny thing, I have all the time in the world but no interest :(
It sucks being me!!

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I would like to become fluent in French. Then my next trip to Paris would be tres formidable!
Also, I would love to have the time to pursue painting and photography.

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Reading. I guess I do have time, but I’m spending it here…
In all honesty though, after I get done doing homework I don’t even want to read.

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