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Don't you hate switching in between different keyboards?

Asked by XOIIO (18113points) August 29th, 2011 from iPhone

I hate using multiple keyboards that are slightly different, it always makes me mess up typing. As it is, at home I switch between a regular high keyed Dell, a Bluetooth slim keyboard kind of like a Mac keyboard, and a medium laptop one, and later I’ll add a fourth laptop one that’s even slimmer. ITS SOO ANNOYING!

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Yes! I get used to it if I have to use a different keyboard for a prolonged amount of time, but it can be very annoying if I’m trying to do something quickly.

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Solution for annoyance riddance: use only one instead of three (four).

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@rebbel Not an option

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Since I bought my second happy hacking keyboard (with blank keys) it hasn’t been a problem. Also it makes it fun watching people try to use my computer.

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Yes, it feels weird even if you’ve used it before. I seem to only naturally use one keyboard at a time, if I get used to a new one, my old one will feel alien to me. Even worse for me is mice. They vary in size and shape more greatly, making the one I usually use feel like it’s just right for my hand, while it’s really just me having gotten used to using it.

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It’s like playing a different piano for me. The touch is different and I tend to make mistakes until I get used to it.

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