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When is it proper to use the squared brackets on the computer's keyboard?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (31592points) August 18th, 2013

I don’t remember when ”[” and ”]” appeared on computer keyboards. That’s not the question.

I can’t find any rules for their use.

Are they for mathematics?

Are they for ordinary language and writing?

Do they have another, specific function?

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I use them for arrays when programming.

For example in Ruby.

ary = [1, “two”, 3.0] #=> [1, “two”, 3.0]

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They are secondary parentheses. For example:

Find all three keys [blue key (north room), green key (east room), yellow key (south room)] and proceed to the Boss Chamber.

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I love Wikipedia.

There’s a whole section near the top of the page to explain it better than I was about to attempt, and then more “special uses” at the bottom of the page.

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I was going to say for initializing an array – something covered under @johnpowell‘s answer.

They also have a mathematical meaning. When listing a range of numbers, if it’s in square brackets, (e.g. [4, 8]) the end points are included in the range. Most people would probably just write that as 4–8, but for mathematical purposes sometimes extra precision is necessary.

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BBc codes for simple text editing: [italic]test[/italic] works on a lot of forums.

It allows members to edit text without the potential malicious damage that could happen if members were allowed to use HTML in their posts.

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They are used in programming…usually for arrays.

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In writing, sometimes you need parenthesis inside parenthesis, and you’d use the square ones inside the regular ones. Like so: Blah blah blah (not to mention rah rah [easily forgotten] and yah yah).

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For adding or replacing text in a quote to make it more clear.

Example: I was reading a Fluther question about square brackets and I read that, ”[Hawaii_Jake] can’t find any rules for their use.”

How to Cite when you are Altering a Direct Quote

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You’re stupid if you don’t use them when somebody writes, “Your [ sic ] stupid.

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