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Which are you? (domestic animals and jelly fish excluded)

Asked by smilingheart1 (6431points) August 29th, 2011

Is there one warm blooded or cold blooded creature that you most empathize with and why? Do you see yourself with attributes of this creature? In this “getting to know you better” exericse, please go a step further in your imagination and make up a creature based on elements of favorite attributes of one or more animals living in captivity, in the forest or jungle or ocean. Please do not overly flutherize “fish” for the sake of naiive jellyfish. Are you a particular gender, a mixture or genderless?

For example you might like the leopard, the snake and the panda bear. So you might have the stealth of a leopard, the silence of the slithering snake and the winsomeness of the panda. So you could also have a rich emotional life or be quite calculating.

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All I know is that I’m a reptilian of some kind because I shed my skin often, grown often and can camouflage.

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@Simone De Beauvoir, sound like your operative word is groan. But no doubt you’ve grown lots since you’ve been fluthering. Appreciate hearing from you.

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@smilingheart1 I missed the word ‘have’. Have grown.

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Homo Sapiens

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I identify with the chickadee because they hang around through all the adversities of winter and sing their way through the coldest of days.

But if I was to put together an imaginative creature that had things that I identify with it would have the body of a sheep (because let’s face it, lots of us are blind followers) and the feet of a big common insect that is ready by instinct to flee for its life. All of this weird wonder would be powered by the enduring spirit the chickadee demonstrates.

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It must be the chimpanzee. I have a big grin and big eyes. I make people laugh. I’m curious and explorative. I’m intelligent and figure things out. I like people and bananas.

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I’m an owl. The joke I was gonna make about that is getting old though.
Still, owl.

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I believe I’m a cat. I love to sleep around on cold days and am so very lazy. I love to be petted and scratched all the time. :)

Edit: Oh damn sorry it said domesticated animals excluded! Sorry! :S

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Armadildo, coz i’m rugged, versatile & I can….err, please the wife?

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I have always had an affinity for the Puffin. I would say I identify because I dress in mostly black and white with splashes of color and I love the coast which is where they live. They have always had a sad look to their eyes and I have felt much sadness when I was younger. Also, like the puffin, I can’t fly very high and have a short wingspan.

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I am a snow leopard. Quiet, likes the snow, elusive, solitary.

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Otter. Not because of a particular love of water, but because they seem to spend the majority of their time just having fun. I do love to eat fish too, but I prefer mine cooked first.

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I vacillate between ass and sloth. ;-)

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A bear because I feel grumpy and its big and strong enough to tear to pieces that awful barking dog next door!

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A wolf. They mate for life. Their lives revolve around their family and all the members of the pack take time to help rear the pack’s pups. They cooperate for their own, and the pack in general, best interest. And they are beautiful.

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