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Are you familiar with San Miguel de Allende?

Asked by picante (11492points) August 30th, 2011

I’m thinking of putting together a little vacation in San Miguel de Allende in the late fall/early winter; and I’m wondering if any jellies either live there or have vacationed there. I’d love some recommendations on lodging and any general advice you have for me.

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I’ve been through San Miguel de Allende. My advice is to stay in Guanajuato and take day tours to the outlying villages and tourist sites like San Miguel. They provide transportation, food and guided tours. That way you don’t get stuck in just one extremely small town, and get to visit a lot of important historical landmarks (important to us Mexicans who celebrate our national heroes), and you get to stay in one of the world’s most beautiful, cosmopolitan, culturally rich and historically important cities.

Done this a few times…

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Muchas gracias, Dr. C!

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Have heard lovely things about it.

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